The CUP Puts the Government of Aragones Against the Ropes

The CUP has launched its first great order to the Executive of Pere Aragonès . The decision of the anti-capitalist bases to present an amendment to the entire budget project reveals the difficulties of weaving a solid pro-independence majority in the government action, although there is a deadline until next Monday the 22nd to redirect the situation.

In fact, the anti-system militancy itself has endorsed his party to continue negotiating, and even the president himself and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Jaume GiróThey have had to roll up their sleeves and take the first step in search of a solution by meeting urgently with the coupers to demand that they “rectify” their position.

From the CUP they trust that “the conditions will be generated that allow to continue advancing” to achieve “a turn to the left and self-determination . ”

A 63.42% of the militants who voted in the internal consultation now decided to veto the processing of 68.79% although has opened the door to continue negotiations after a weekend of discussion in Catalan Accounts territorial assemblies – 28% have opted to permanently bury the scene.

” It is a triple amendment “, described the deputy cupaire Eulàlia Reguant . From the outset, ” to the relationship with the State and the PSOE ” with the development of the Foment and Aena program and the stagnation to “stop the repression”.

Then, to social policies, which they consider to respond to ” a sociovergent model”; and thirdly,” to some continuous Budgets “, since they are” clearly insufficient “in health and housing .” Negotiating downward the investiture agreement is not a good solution, “he has warned while, in parallel, from JxCat place in Aragonès the responsibility for the Accounts to prosper.

The CUP feels that there is not enough progress in the independence agenda , apart from having started the Government that the BCN World project in Vila-seca (Tarragona), at the hands of the American company Hard Rock Café, does not involve any public expense .

Likewise, it has urged to lower the ratios of students in infant and primary education, and not to formalize the candidacy for the Winter Olympics in 2030 until after a territorialized consultation that is expected to take place next year. Demands that the Junts do not like either, from where they are not willing to “mortgage the country’s model by a group of nine deputies.”

“Negotiate, yes, but do not change everything for nothing,” say the post-convergent. The ERC-JxCat coalition executive has even winked at the Mossos d’Esquadra and announced two measures: that it will withdraw from all cases against protesters in which responsibility for the attacks reported by the police is not proven; and limit as far as possible the participation of the Arro and Brimo units of the Catalan Police in evictions.

Moreover, the Government of Aragonès agreed to the internalization of the 061 telephone service and to promote the pending taxes of the Canvi Climàtic law. Despite the fact that the anti-system understands the 750 million euros that the Executive provides for housing policies to be insufficient – the CUP claims to reach 1,000 million – or 17% of the total Health budget allocated to primary care – not in vain, they had agreed with Esquerra that it was 25% -; The great obstacle refers to the “country model”, with macro-projects that move away from their positions, among them also the economic refloating of the Circuit de Catalunya.

In the field of pure and simple politics, the cuperos censure the lack of enthusiasm in an alternative that includes a referendum if the dialogue table between the two governments fails. The CUP has taken up the traditional and old term of “sociovergence” because it wants to put an end to the specific pacts between the PSC and Junts, which have begun to take place in matters such as the controversial expansion of the El Prat airport or the Winter Games, in those that the formation led by Salvador Illa and that of Carles Puigdemont coincide.

According to the spokesperson for the Executive, Patrícia Plaja, the Government respects the internal consultation of the CUP but regrets the decision against some “expansive, transforming budgets, which bear the stamp” of the anti-capitalists, as a result of the “many meetings” held with them to discuss the detail of the Accounts.

The veto would endanger “the majority of 52%” of the pro-independence votes in the last elections to Parliament and that was the majority that voted for the investiture of Aragonès: “It would be a mistake to break this understanding”, they proclaim from the Generalitat. It remains to be seen if the Government is willing to make more concessions.

Aragonès hopes to soften the position of the couperos but avoids advancing if there will be negotiations with the PSC or the commons if the anti-capitalists do not rectify. “Catalonia will have budgets and there is still time for it to be with the CUP,” Plaja has limited himself to assuring, moving in ambiguity in her speech and without ruling out other options.

The PSC of Illa looks askance and allows himself to be wanted, giving up the independence majority. They maintain that they have not yet made a decision on whether to present an amendment to the entirety or not – C’s, PPC and Vox have already confirmed them – and they add that they will not be conditioned by what other groups have announced or said. That is to say, they wait for the evolution of events, but while they boast that sovereignty does not fit the equation.

The only thing that the parliamentary group Socialistes-Units per Avançar clarified is that their vote and that of the anti-capitalists “is incompatible.” Her spokesperson, Alícia Romero, has called on the Aragonès Cabinet to abandon “marketing” with the CUP and open a negotiation with them.

Regarding this possible situation of the Executive looking at the socialists, the CUP tiptoes over and points out that, if the Government wants “a turn to the left and advance in self-determination”, it will decide “with whom it negotiates.” “I do not know if with Illa we will advance much”, has settled Reguant.

The amendments to the whole will be voted on all together. If there are more votes against than in favor of halting the Accounts, the budget project will continue its course until the final vote. Otherwise, the processing will be stopped and the Government will have to redesign them. A return to the starting point would make it almost impossible to start the year with new Budgets in Catalonia. It only remains to wait for the CUP to break the deck.

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