Heartbreaking Farewell Message From Christian Gálvez To Jordi Rebellón

Last Wednesday, the world of cinema and television dressed in mourning after hearing the sad news of the death of Jordi Rebellón at the age of 64 due to a stroke . The actor who gave life to the famous Doctor Vilches in Hospital Central left many colleagues desolate, and one of them was Christian Gálvez .

The presenter of High Tension published an emotional letter on his Instagram account on Thursday in which he made clear the close relationship that both had .

” You never stopped believing in me, as a person and as a professional . Every time I raised my voice asking for help, you were there without asking for anything in return,” he wrote in his post . ” Every time a madness came to my mind, there you were without asking for anything in return .”

“We saw each other from time to time, but time did not seem to pass between us. You loved your friends in your own way, but it was a sincere love, respect and admiration ,” he continued. “Today I share with pain and sadness your loss, dear Jordi Rebellón, like these photos of a work that will never see the light,” he wrote referring to some images of a shoot that both shared.

“Sooner or later I know that we will meet again and fight together for whatever crazy thing is on our minds, ” Christian Gálvez posted. “You wanted to be like Superman, but in many moments I wanted to be like you. Now you fly, wait for me up high. We will embrace each other as before . I love you, my friend.”

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