Pollo Carvajal, Former Head Of Venezuelan Secret Service, Changed Places Every 3 Months

Hugo Armando Carvajal Barrios, known as ‘El Pollo Carvajal’, a former Chavista general arrested in Madrid and considered the most wanted fugitive in the United States . For drug trafficking, he had undergone cosmetic surgery and has lived locked up for the almost two years that he has been on the run in homes that he changed every three months and from which he only went out at night to their terraces.

The National Police this Friday gives more details of the arrest at a quarter past nine on Thursday night in a house in the capital of Pollo Carvajal, who was head of the Military Counterintelligence of Venezuela in the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro and to whom The United States accuses him of drug trafficking, money laundering and collaboration with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to introduce drugs into the United States.

New details on the investigation
The investigation to locate the fugitive began after his escape in November 2019 . The agents of Group II of Fugitives found that he was not listed as the owner of any property or real estate, as well as of any vehicle or telephone line in Spain , for which he would use people he completely trusted to go unnoticed.

Who is Hugo Carvajal, better known as ‘El Pollo’, detained in Madrid
As a result of the exchange of information with the US anti-drug office, the DEA, the National Police received information about the possible whereabouts of Carvajal in a house in the Arturo Soria area of Madrid.

Once the house was located, Spanish agents and also from the DEA liaison office designed the device to arrest the fugitive with the arrest warrant ordered by a court on duty, which was executed last night by investigators and officers of the Police Intervention Unit (IPU), the riot police.

These agents had to break down the door by not giving in, since it was armored and the floor was fortified. The Police emphasize that at the time of entry, the fugitive was in the last of the rooms of the house, where he had locked himself with a knife in a desperate attempt to avoid police arrest.

Two years in Spain
The arrested person acknowledged that he had remained in our country at all times and that since his escape, two years ago, he changed hiding every three months, using different addresses where he lived completely cloistered , without going out into the street at any time, afraid for the public dissemination of his image.

The agents have verified that consorts provided him with coverage by making purchases and errands for him and, in addition, he acknowledged that the only time he had gone outside in all this time was on the terrace of the house, but strictly at night and in disguise.

He changed his appearance and had his face operated
In addition, it was known that the fugitive had undergone several cosmetic surgery operations to modify his appearance and that, in addition, he would be using all kinds of disguise elements to facilitate his concealment, among which mustaches, beards and wigs were detected. false passports and adhesive utensils for their fixation, but also to appear in the image of the false passports that he was obtaining.

Legal sources have advanced that Carvajal’s defense plans to request the Supreme Court in the next few hours to suspend in a very cautious manner the agreement with which the Council of Ministers gave the green light to its delivery in March of last year after it was authorized by the Hearing National.

At that time, the former Venezuelan general was already on the run from justice and, despite this, his lawyers asked the Supreme Court to suspend the extradition order on a precautionary basis, claiming that the accusations were not true and that the sole purpose of the United States was to torture him. for information on Venezuela . The request was denied in May 2020.

The sources recall that the Supreme Court still has pending resolution on the merits of the appeal that Carvajal presented to the agreement that ordered his delivery and they emphasize that it would not make sense for the Spanish authorities to extradite him without knowing the ruling of the high court.

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