Approval Of Modification Of Credits Of 1.4 Million To Attend Emergency Works In Zaragoza

The Government of Zaragoza has approved a new modification of the credits of the 2021 Budget, in addition to credits and extraordinary credits, which amounts to 1.4 million euros and is financed with available credits from the same year.

Specifically, it is a series of modifications proposed by the Urban Planning and Equipment Area to supplement and create credits for expenses with which to attend actions whose allocation was insufficient, did not exist or cannot be delayed to subsequent years.

The objective is to provide resources for some emergency works that have occurred, such as the improvements to the facades and statues of the Principal Theater, which will have an allocation of 300,000 euros; or the creation of another credit of 600,000 euros for emergency and security actions on the roofs of the Auditorium and Multipurpose Room, which must be dealt with after the damage caused by the storms Filomena and Hortensia.

It is also used to supplement by 25,000 euros the consignment to the conservation and maintenance tasks of the Prior’s Cell in the Cartuja Baja, since once the rehabilitation project has been drawn up and given the state of conservation of the building, it is advisable to have a specific intervention and preventive for constructive safety reasons.

In addition, in Cemeteries, it will be necessary to supplement the application for conservation works by 145,000 euros, given that, given the demand, the allocations allocated for the construction of niches in Booths or columbariums in the Torrero complex are insufficient.

To attend to the construction of the next phase of columbariums, it is requested to consign annuities for 2022 and 2023 amounting to 190,000 euros and 300,000 euros respectively to meet the planned actions.

Likewise, the creation of several multi-year credits is proposed. On the one hand, the Giesa rehabilitation project is now immersed in a Master Plan that will set the guidelines and the projects to be executed. Given the forecast of drafting and processing deadlines, it is proposed to have 775,000 euros in 2022.

Along the same lines, the creation of a multi-year application is proposed for the Parque Venecia Infant School project in order to adapt the budget to the planned execution and actual amount. For this equipment 5,000 euros will be allocated for the 2021 annuity, apart from setting aside the amount of 3,650,000 euros for the 2022 annuity.

The objective is to tender the project this year, while its construction will be concentrated in 2022, as was already planned . The endowment of the project is also increased, which will exceed 3.6 million euros.

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