Five Little Wolves Movie Dismantling Myths About Motherhood

Five Little Wolves Movie story tells about mother five years ago and almost from the first moment she knew that this was not the rose-colored experience that women have always been sold.

He was immersed in a whirlwind of emotions full of beautiful and wonderful things, but also other painful things (tiredness, having to rebuild oneself, the feeling of not reaching everything and doing it wrong) so he began to write his impressions in a kind Of diary. That was the germ of ‘Cinco lobitos’, his feature debut in the feature film whose filming is nearing completion in Vizcaya.

“My first year of motherhood was very special in many ways, it was full of ups and downs and contradictory feelings,” says the director during a lunch break. “But one of the things that surprised me the most was to begin to see my mother in a different way and to understand many things that until now had eluded me. And that radically changed my relationship with her.

In ‘Cinco lobitos’, a young woman, Amaia, has just had a child and realizes that she does not know very well how to take care of him, especially when she is left alone because her partner has to be absent to work. It will be then that he decides to visit his mother and their relationship intensifies in ways he did not expect.

“ I think there is a brutal gap between our mothers and the people of my generation . They had children long before us, on many occasions they could not develop professionally and were linked to the domestic space. Now we are at a time when the debate on work-life balance is key, trying to fit in our time parenting with work without anyone being harmed, “he continues.

For this very personal journey, Ruiz de Azúa has chosen two actresses who will bring layers of depth to their characters, but at the same time, a lot of truth: Laia Costa and Susi Sánchez for Five Little Wolves.

“Laia Costa fascinates me, she has a brutal naturalness, and at the same time some very interesting interpretive flexions. As for the character of Susi, she was ideal so that she did not fall into clichés, because she is supposed to represent a more traditional mother model, but Susi gives her an unexpected complexity ”.

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