Young actor hopes to touch and transform audiences with his new character

During the Luau da Força Jovem Universal, which took place last Sunday (16), actor Rafael Gevú broke the silence and gave details about Samuel, his new character in the super production Reis, which will debut soon on the screen of Record TV.

“Samuel is huge. A beautiful character and without a doubt the biggest challenge of my life. I want everyone to fall in love with him, as I did. As a young actor, I have already felt touched and I see the change in my life. . The responsibility I have to give credibility to everything that is said and passed is very big”, said the actor.

With a twinkle in his eye, he reinforced the desire for Samuel to transform the public: “I hope it touches people and manages to change the way they see the world and act,” he said.

At just 22 years old, Gevu is a veteran of biblical novels. He guarantees that the new opportunity brings even more responsibility, as it will be a good example for the viewer.

In addition to Rafael, actors Edu Porto and Vinícius Redd were also at the event and gave spoilers about their characters in the new Record TV series. Pastor Rodrigo Maurício, one of those responsible for the event, highlighted the importance of the presence of the cast:

“The characters of the three are all about young people. One of them is Samuel, who grew up in the presence of God, unlike Phinehas and Hophni [sons of high priest Eli]. This is the message we want to convey to many young people who have been raised with no parents and no support and it’s going to be really cool for them,” he said.

With general direction by Juan Pablo Pires and text by Raphaela Castro, Reis debuts soon on Record TV.

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