Miguel Coelho gives spoiler about his character in the super production Reis

In the countdown to the premiere of the super production Reis, which promises to bring a lot of emotion to the Record TV screen, actor Miguel Coelho talked to the official website during the Luau da Força Jovem Universal and gave the first big spoiler about his new character in last Sunday (16).

“It is the first time that we are disclosing that I will play Jonathan in Kings and it has everything to do with this event, because he is a young man with a score of 10, who, despite all the difficulties he goes through with his own father (King Saúl), remains fear to God. In addition, the character has many qualities, he is a warrior and humble. He has a lot to pass on to these young people who are here,” he reveals.

For Miguel Coelho, it is a privilege to bring his second biblical character to life: “It was incredible to play Jacob [in the soap opera Genesis] and now the challenge will be completely different”, warns the actor about Jônatas, who will be a great friend of David in the series. .

With the joy of those whose work was recognized by the public and critics, Miguel also spoke about the Contigo magazine award in the best actor category, which he recently won with his work in Genesis.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect to receive it, just being nominated was amazing. I competed with Chay Suede, Selton Mello, Zécarlos Machado and João Baldesserini, who are fantastic! These awards are nice to review the walk, but it’s also important not to think that it’s all won. I was even happier that Genesis took the award for best novel. We had a good one-two.”

On stage at the event, the author of Reis, Raphaela Castro, reinforced the importance of the character played by Miguel: “Jônatas was the heir to the throne, but he realized that God had chosen David, so he stood by his friend, who was a man God’s. He didn’t seek anyone’s approval and that’s why he was so successful. We are going to know the story of Jonathan in Kings.”

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