President Said That Gambling Is Not Welcome In Brazil

“Parliament will approve and I am convinced that, if I veto it, they will overturn it. My position as Chief Executive is that gambling is not welcome in Brazil.

It is a door that opens, and we don’t know what can happen later”, said Bolsonaro during an interview broadcast on social media this Monday (17).

In December last year, the president had already signaled the veto, according to the coordinator of the Evangelical Parliamentary Front in the Chamber of Deputies, Cezinha de Madureira (PSD-SP).

At the time, the deputy said he talked to Bolsonaro and heard from the president that, if the bill passes the Chamber, he will veto the text.

“When I talked to the president about the matter, to see what his position would be if the matter was discussed, he said: ‘Cezinha, you have to take this down in the Chamber. If it is approved, I will have to veto it. ‘” he said.

Controversial subject in Parliament, the Regulatory Framework for Games in Brazil should enter the voting agenda of the Chamber of Deputies as soon as the legislative work returns, in February.

The forecast was announced by the president of the House, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), at the end of last year, in the last sessions.

On the occasion, the urgency of the text was voted on and Lira began the discussions. The matter has been processed for 31 years and, since then, it has received additions.

The project is reported by Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), who presented in plenary, at the end of 2021, a new report, with some changes, such as the inclusion of the animal game after discussion with parliamentarians from the public security bench.

Last year, to R7, Carreras defended the need to regularize the games to generate more jobs and so that the Brazilian State can collect.

In one of the previous reports, the text states: “It is estimated that illegal games in Brazil move more than R$ 27 billion per year, surpassing by almost 60% the official ones, which generate R$ 17.1 billion”.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has again said that he will veto the Gaming Regulatory Framework – which provides for the legalization of gambling – if the matter is approved in Congress.

However, the chief executive believes that the veto will be overturned by parliamentarians. The agenda is expected to be voted on in February.

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