Bolsonaro Speech Is Questioned By Anvisa Director

During the week, Bolsonaro had criticized the inclusion of children and adolescents aged 5 to 11 in the Covid-19 vaccination plan and questioned the interest behind childhood immunization.

“What is behind this? What is Anvisa’s interest behind it? What is the interest of those people who are obsessed with vaccines? Is it for life? For health? If it were, they would be worried about other diseases in the country, but they are not”, he declared. Bolsonaro this Thursday.

The director-president of Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), Antonio Barra Torres, released a note this Saturday (8) rebutting President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 years.

In the text, Barra Torres says that if the president has information that indicates corruption at Anvisa, to determine an immediate investigation.

“If you don’t have such information or evidence, exercise the greatness that your position demands and, by the God you cite so much, retract”, completes the president of the regulatory agency.

Anvisa has already informed, several times, that childhood immunization is safe and effective against Covid-19, and has even sent questions to the Ministry of Health on the subject and details of the entire scenario of approval and use of vaccines.

In response to Bolsonaro criticisms, Barra Torres, who is a physician and Navy Rear Admiral, the third highest rank in the corporation, says he has based his personal life on “austerity and honor” and his professional life as a doctor seeking to “keep reason at bay”. front of feeling.”

“As a Christian, Mr. President, I sought to fulfill the commandments, even though I
embraced the career of arms.

I have never given false testimony”, completes Barra Torres, before asking Bolsonaro to “don’t waste time or prevaricate” if he has knowledge of corruption in the agency.

“If you have information that raises the slightest hint of corruption on this Brazilian, don’t waste time or prevaricate, Mr. President.

Determine an immediate police investigation on me, in fact, on anyone who works today at Anvisa, who proudly I have the privilege of joining.

Now, if you do not have such information or evidence, exercise the greatness that your position demands and, by the God you mention so much, retract.”

Barra Torres ends the note by stating that they are fighting the same enemy and that “there is still a lot of war ahead”.

“Reviewing a wrong speech or act will not diminish you in the slightest. Quite the contrary”, concludes the CEO.

The Secretariat of Communication of the Planalto was contacted, but has not yet commented on the note.

Barra Torres was appointed by Bolsonaro himself to assume the presidency of Anvisa in January 2020. The reserve rear admiral has a three-year term at the head of the agency and cannot be fired.

Since Barra Torres testified to the Covid-19 CPI in the Senate, friction between the head of the regulatory agency and the president has intensified.

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