Government says The Greatest Challenge This Election Year Is Inflation

“Minister Paulo Guedes of the Economy will certainly find a solution to this in time for the election. He certainly has a plan.

Now, he must be trying to build consensus within the government for this, which is not easy either, because there are divergent thoughts that need to be aligned”, he said in an interview.

In an election year, government articulations seek to resolve issues and control narratives that can be costly during the campaign.

Government leader in the Chamber, Ricardo Barros (PP-PR) says that, as the elections approach, the government’s main challenge is to control inflation.

If, on the one hand, the minister constantly affirms that the problem of inflation is worldwide, Barros insists on emphasizing that saying this does not solve the government’s embarrassment.

“Inflation is a global problem, but this justification does not solve our electoral problem. Saying that all countries in the world have high inflation does not improve people’s purchasing power,” he pointed out.

The deputy also stressed that “the solution will have to be sought, found and made available to society”.

“It is up to the government to find the way and offer a solution to a problem that today is a serious problem, worries people and that needs to be faced”, he explained.

“In two years of a pandemic, it is not a simple thing to manage”, he said, remembering that Congress approved the pension reform, “one of the most important”, according to him.

The matter was approved in 2019, before the pandemic, and also thanks to the support of the then Mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ).

“I think it went well. We voted for many important things. BR do Mar, a landmark for the railways. This will bring a lot of investment to Brazil environmental licensing and land tenure regularization projects, which it hopes to approve this year.

Both articles have great resistance from environmentalists and were on the list of priorities sent to Congress by President Bolsonaro at the beginning of last year, but were not approved.

Congress will be able to help if called upon, I see no difficulty in that. I still have no idea what the plan is. We have to see what the plan is and whether that plan needs legislative authorization.

The creation of working groups is the autonomy of the president [Arthur Lira], but I don’t think it’s necessary. The government has to have a plan. It’s no use having a plan and the government not getting into the process to be able to implement it.

At the end of last year, the House of Representatives approved the urgency of the project that allows gambling in Brazil.

The government always directs in favor of emergencies. We do not discuss merit. Merit is merit, urgency is urgency. This is very clear in our understanding with the government in conducting matters in the Chamber.

We always refer in favor of urgency, because if it was signed by the group of leaders, there is no reason for the government to overthrow it.

When the ministries take a stand, this set of opinions goes to the Civil House, compiles and submits it to the president. Let’s see what will be the opinion that comes on the text that was presented.

The campaign carried out by the TSE against the printed vote is unreasonable. The TSE is an organ that has to comply with the law voted in Congress, it does not have to like or dislike the law.

But they carried out an open campaign against the printed vote (a project that was rejected by the plenary of the Chamber). The political activism of the Judiciary is very bad in Brazil and has to be fought.

The president questions the electoral system trying to simplify things. He questions why the Electoral Justice price of the fights he bought.

But the fact is that when he speaks out, he is speaking out against political activism and not against the system itself. It’s just that the system can be manipulated. If there were no activism, there would be no fear of manipulation by the system.

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