Biden Announces Sanctions on CCP and Trafficking

Plagued by record overdose deaths the United States is bolstering its arsenal against drug trafficking targeting 25 targets in Brazil China Mexico and Colombia now that command networks have become pervasive and synthetic opioids wreak.

Faced with more than 100000 Americans killed from overdoses between April 2020 and April 2021 President Joe Biden takes decisive steps to detect disrupt and reduce the power of transnational criminal organizations and protect the American people says one document transmitted by government officials.

One of them sets up a new body the United States Council on Organized Crime USCTOC which will be made up of representatives from various government bodies

The other imposes a regime of broader sanctions against international drug traffickers who may have frozen their assets in the United States be prevented from entering the country and from carrying out certain transactions

Among those sanctioned are people who traffic in fentanyl and the chemical precursors needed to produce it such as methamphetamine cocaine and heroin as well as organizations that Washington sees as a threat

As a result of this new sanctions regime the Treasury Department announced this Wednesday 15 25 targets 10 people and 15 organizations among which are some new names such as the First Command of the Capital PCC of Brazil and the Los Rojos and Guerreros Unidos as well as four Chinese companies and a drug trafficker.

The First Command of the Capital PCC one of the most powerful organized crime groups deals mainly in drugs but is also involved in money laundering extortion and homicides on contract It operates in South America and its networks reach the United States Europe Africa and Asia according to Washington.

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