They Sell A Sealed Copy Of Super Mario 64 For More Than 1.2 Million Euros

Super Mario has broken a recordfor the fourth time, although this time it has changed platforms. TheNintendosagahas been winning the title of the most expensive video game in history for almost a year, although with different titles sold at auction, but recentlya copy of The Legend of Zelda had taken its place.

The game, sold last Friday for $ 870,000 (about 730,000 euros) , beat the copy of Super Mario Bros. that was sold in April for 558,000 euros , but it only enjoyed that first place for a weekend , as Nintendo plumber has put himself back in first place

‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ sealed.
In November, a copy of ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ also held the record, selling for $ 156,000.
Now it has been Super Mario 64 , which was released 25 years ago for Nintendo 64 , which has broken all records to date, selling for $ 1.5 million ( more than 1.26 million euros ) at a Heritage auction. Auctions .

The sample is sealed and in an incredible state of conservation , so many were the collectors interested in getting this almost unique copy of which it is estimated that there are five known worldwide .

Its starting price last Friday was $ 100,000 , but on Sunday the bids ended and the final price turned out to be a whopping $ 1.5 million , more than double what that NES Super Mario Bros. sold in April.

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