The Delivery Of An Airport In Exchange For The End Of A Debt Of 25 Billion

The mayor of São Paulo Ricardo Nunes MDB proposed to the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro an agreement to end the litigation at Campo de Marte Airport the proposal involves handing over the site to the federal government in exchange for the end of the citys debt which comes to 25 billion.

There is a legal dispute in Campo de Marte between the federal government and the City of São Paulo and there is a debt that the city has with the federal government of 25 billion.

We pay 250 million per month in debt with the Union I proposed to the president to make an exchange The city hall no longer has this debt and Campo de Marte is definitely left to the federal government within the legal agreement that is already being processed by the STF explained Ricardo Nunes.

In his opinion the proposal would have positive points for both sides involved as it would end a legal dispute that started in the last century in 1958 and would bring benefits to the population of São Paulo through the direct investment of 250 million per month.

The airport with 21 million square meters is located in the north of São Paulo Historically the Union and city hall dispute the land in lawsuits that have not yet reached a conclusion.

The mayor of São Paulo also claimed to have received from the president of the Senate Rodrigo Pacheco PSDMG the promise of efforts for a provisional measure to leave the costs generated by free public transport with the federal government According to Nunes this is a demand of the National Front of Mayors FNP so that municipalities do not need to increase bus fares.

This year alone diesel increased by 65 So city halls are obliged to transfer this cost to the tariff We are trying with the federal government not to increase the tariff but help would be needed said Ricardo Nunes to Record TV.

This help in the view of the mayor could come through a provisional measure that would direct the costs that municipalities pay for each free ticket to the federal government He points out that there are federal laws that exempt some people from paying the transportation fee but that city governments pay for it.

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