CCJ of the Senate begins to evaluate PEC Project

The CCJ (Committee on Constitution and Justice) of the Senate will hold this Wednesday morning (24), starting at 9:30 am, the semi-attendance deliberative meeting whose first theme of the 15 to be voted will be the PEC. The draft amendment to the Constitution 23/2021 divides the payment of court orders, changing the rules governing the federal government’s spending ceiling. The PEC has already been approved in two rounds by the Chamber of Deputies.

Are debts of the Union recognized by the Court in which there is no longer the possibility of appeal. The federal government depends on the approval of the PEC to finance the Auxílio Brasil program. With the proposal, the government expects fiscal space in the order of R$91.6 billion to pay the benefit of R$400 per recipient, in addition to other budget expenses.

The rapporteur of the PEC of in the CCJ of the Senate and leader of the government in the House, Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE), confirmed in the late afternoon of Tuesday (23) that he will change the text in at least six points.

According to Bezerra, the six changes made to his report will be: indication of Brasil as a permanent program in the amount of R$400; binding of the fiscal space opened by the PEC audit and management of court orders.

That the extraordinary resources of the are guaranteed to teachers through a salary agreement and not through a readjustment; Fundef payment flow over the years; wording adjustment in relation to the use of third-party rights Bezerra should read the report with the changes at the CCJ meeting in the morning.

The leader of the MDB in the Senate, Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM), sent on Tuesday (23) four amendments to the PEC , and the government must give in to the MDB’s pleas to get support from the bench of 15 parliamentarians, the largest in the Senate . Among the changes to the text requested by Braga is the provision that every Brazilian in a situation of income vulnerability has the right to a basic income, making the right permanent.

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