20 Years Living After Tax Free Barcelona

Dear Barcelona More than 20 years living in you and I have gone from falling in love to disappointment and disillusionment, not with you and everything you offer us but with your leaders and managers. Places, cities, are for those who inhabit them: happy citizens make happy places.

You’ve clearly gotten worse , I say this with sadness, anger and indignation. Such a spectacular city , with everything going for you: heritage, culture, climate, sea, mountains, gastronomy.

How is it possible that you are degrading yourself in this way? Perhaps due to lack of attention to what is important ? To the people who inhabit you to your wonderful emblematic shops.

Which are dying little by little in exchange for more of the same to encourage sustainable and quality tourism ; to the cleaning and maintenance of each and every one of your streets and corners, which give real pity to those who leave the tourist circuit; to promote each and every one of your neighborhoods,with so many things to offer.

Now would be the time to turn around , to put a solution to the housing problem to avoid the bleeding of citizens who have to abandon you because you are financially unsustainable; of taking care of yourself by making you beautiful to live : clean, happy, safe , worthy of respect.

Where is everything that differentiated you? It has disappeared? In exchange for? Of uniformity , of offering quantity, lots of equal establishments open at all hours, and not the quality of the difference and the good service of cheerful workers, proud and not bitter about their precarious working conditions …

I wish we knew how to seize the moment, redirect all this, that the political leaders began to manage what belongs to everyone and knew how to mobilize, excite and motivate an abused citizenry. Only in this way would they hear about you again, about a Barcelona with capital letters.

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