Vidyut Jammwal Compares Nepotism To ‘Beggar Knocking At Car Window’: Outsiders Are Often Considered Invisible.


Debates and discussions around nepotism and groupism in Bollywood have been amplified by fans and users on social media post the unfortunate death of Sushant Singh Rajput. There has been an increased hostility towards Bollywood, as the late actor’s fans believe he was wronged by the industry and deprived of opportunities. Several celebrities have since then spoken about this issue.

Vidyut Jammwal, as an outsider, has also spoken about this debate and has a rather different take on it. Vidyut expressed his thoughts in an interview to BBC, a snippet of which he uploaded on his official Youtube video.  He said, “It is difficult. Who said it is not difficult? You know how it feels when you’re not from the industry? Have you ever been in a car in India and there is a beggar knocking at the window? People like myself, who come from outside the industry’ are sometimes considered invisible. The only difference we need to make is not to consider other people being invisible.”

He added, “Some fields are watered by the river. Some fields are dead. Someone who comes from the dead fields can’t be destroyed. I am that person.”

The action star also expressed his disappointment when he wasn’t invited to participate in Disney+ Hotstar’s event, announcing seven films. Only five were given representation at the event, while films starring Jammwal and Kunal Kemmu were left out. Recalling that day, the actor said, “So, this is funny. I woke up in the morning and I read this message where everybody is supoosed to be on this call and I spoke to myself and I heard myself speaking to me. So the question was: “Hey, how come they didn’t invite you, dude?” And exactly the thought that came to my mind is what I wrote on the phone, I just tweeted it. And in the next five minutes, there were a plethora of messages coming in. So what it did for my state of mind, I was so proud of the fact that the entire nation stood for me.”

This isn’t the first time the actor has talked about nepotism. A few days back, in an exclusive interview to mid-day, the Commando actor said, “There are families that rule this city and there are families that control everything, and then there are families that come from outside. They are not average people, they are very strong-headed people. When one family doesn’t want the other to come in, they just be kind and merge.”

He added, “As far as nepotism is concerned, I’ve been telling that my father was in the army so we have had a lot of people get into the army, my father has helped a lot of people get into the army. That’s also nepotism, but my father never stopped anyone. Be kind to people and give equal opportunities. Don’t stop somebody.”

He also stated, “If you’re my friend and your daughter wants to be an actor, I’ll do anything for her, why will I be a friend otherwise, but I won’t stop somebody else. That’s the only thing I would request people, be kind and give equal opportunity. There’s a lot of talent.” And did he ever face any kind of injustice in his career?

On the work front, Vidyut was last seen in Khuda Haafiz. Released on August 14, the web film is a romantic action thriller inspired by real events. The story spins around a young, newly married couple from India, Sameer (Vidyut Jammwal) and Nargis (Shivaleeka Oberoi). Under mysterious and shocking circumstances Nargis goes missing in a foreign land and Sameer does everything possible to bring her back home safe with him.


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