2,200 Cases Of Covid Due To Summer Music Festivals In Spain

More than 2,200 cases of covid by the Vida, Canet Rock and Cruïlla festivals. The risk of contagion among festival goers was between 1.35 and 2.6 higher than the average, according to Salut.

The Vida , Canet Rock and Cruïlla festivals , to this day, would not be held again. The Department of Health has made public this Wednesday the results of the monitoring of coronavirus cases among the attendees and, according to its data, in the 14 days after the celebration of these major events, 2,279 positives were detected among the public.

The department’s calculations predicted that they would be 1,437, therefore, 842 more than expected were registered . In other words , they had between 1.35 and 2.6 more chances of contracting covid compared to the population that did not attend.

Festivals trust Salut’s study to refute criticism
Of the 49,570 people studied, there were 842 more infections than their control group in the 14 days after the concerts were held. The infections, however, vary depending on each contest. In Vida, held in Vilanova i la Geltrú, screening was the least effective and the increase in cases stood at 2.4.

At Canet Rock, in Canet de Mar, antigen tests prevented the entry of infected people and the global risk was set at 1.8, while Cruïlla, which took place in Barcelona, ​​has the lowest risk, 1.5 , with the most effective screening of the three festivals.

“We cannot do standing festivals. As long as we have these levels of coronavirus, they cannot be done,” insisted the Public Health Secretary, Carmen Cabezas, calling again for individual responsibility and the need, without excuses, to quarantine.

At that point, he said that “a very small part, 0.45% of 49,000 people, about 270”, went to the festivals (all three) with a previous positive antigen test. “This underscores the importance of quarantining, it is very important to give this message”

“The three festivals have been held in a period of 10 days, which does not allow an intermediate evolution: they behave as a unit, ” he specified, and highlighted the “feeling of false security.” “When you enter with a negative test it may be that you end up relaxing. It is very important not to have a false sense of security. The events must always be with the public seated,” he acknowledged.

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