Workers Who Can Collect Two Retirement Pensions At Same Time In Spain

Retirement and the pension that is received with it is a goal that workers focus on for much of their working career. The usual thing is to talk about this pension in the singular, but the truth is that some citizens can have two different retirement pensions to collect at the same time, once they retire.

The basic formula for this is to have worked in two different Social Security regimes and to have generated in each of them the necessary requirements to be entitled to the pension.

The clearest example is that of workers who have worked in a company for others and also as self-employed throughout their careers. These workers who are entitled to the retirement pension generated by an employee relationship (as an employee in a company) and to another as a self-employed worker will be able to collect both pensions and will not have to choose between one or the other.

For this, therefore, it will be necessary to resort to both the general retirement requirements and the specific ones. In the first place, the worker must reach 66 years of age or 65 years if he has worked more than 37 years and three months .

This ordinary retirement age can be lowered if the future pensioner decides to take advantage of any of the assumptions of early retirement (which reduce it by two years and even more in cases of special professions due to their risk).

In addition, it is essential to be registered in the two pension-generating schemes or, if you are only in one (this may be the case of a full-time worker), to be able to prove that the minimum contribution period has been met. of the regime in question.

It is at this point that the specific requirements of each retirement pension are entered. The regulations are clear: they must have contributed at least 15 years in each scheme, of which two must be in the last 15 to cause the right to the minimum pension. From this figure, as the years worked increase, the future pensioner will be entitled to a higher pension.

What will be the amount of the pensions
But, what will be the amount of these pensions? Nothing changes here, only that two pensions will have to be calculated instead of one. The Social Security calculation rules are the same for all and establish that, with the minimum contribution period previously stated (15 years), the worker will be entitled to 50% of the regulatory base or, if it does not arrive, to the minimum pension stipulated in Royal Decree 46/2021, which approved the revaluation of pensions for 2021 . It should be remembered that the calculation takes into account the bases of the last 24 years, that is, 288 months, and the application of a divisor of 336.

Regarding contributory retirement pensions, this Royal Decree contemplates different minimum amounts depending on the situation of the pensioner. They are as follows:

-In cases of people with dependent spouses , pensions aged 65 or over are 851 euros per month, while those for those under 65 are 797.90 euros per month and those for people aged 65 or over from the permanent disability scheme for severe disability are 1,276.50 euros per month.

– Retirees with non-dependent spouses who are 65 years old or older will receive a pension of 654.60 euros per month, those under 65 years old a pension of 609.90 euros per month and people 65 years or older from the disability regime permanent severely disabled a pension of 981.90 euros per month.

-In the case of retirees without spouses , those 65 years of age or older will receive 689.70 euros per month, those under 65 years of age will receive 645.30 euros per month and people 65 years or older from the permanent disability regime of great disability They will charge 1,034.60 euros per month.

From there, the worker can add percentages of the regulatory base with which to increase the possible amount of the pension. Thus, during the first 106 months after the 15th year, an extra 0.21% of the regulatory base is added for each month worked, and from 107 onwards, 0.19% is added, so that at age 36 career is entitled to 100% of the regulatory base in the corresponding regime .

The limit, as always, is in the maximum amount of pensions , which is also determined by the Royal Decree on the revaluation of pensions, which left the pension ceiling at 2,707.49 euros per month for 2021.

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