Chief Executive Said That Governors And Mayors Have Authority To Adopt The Measure Applied In Several Capitals

After the federal government dropped the requirement of proof of vaccination and announced a quarantine of five days for travelers not vaccinated against Covid19 President Jair Bolsonaro PL said on Wednesday 8 that he will never demand the call vaccine passport.

The Supreme Federal Court gave powers to governors and mayors Im talking about my line I havent closed any bar and Ill never demand your vaccine passport Bolsonaro said in a conversation with supporters at Palácio da Alvorada.

The head of the Executive argued that governors and mayors have authority to adopt the measure which is applied in at least 20 Brazilian capitals.

Now they dont want us to solve all these problems They have the authority to do so I hope that people vote correctly On the occasion of the elections they ask the guy how the behavior of this possible candidate will be in the future he added.

At a press conference held at the Palácio do Planalto on Tuesday 7 the government announced the reopening of the countrys borders and the requirement for a fiveday quarantine and RTPCR test for travelers not vaccinated against Covid after this period 19.

The information was given without further details by ministers Marcelo Queiroga Health and Ciro Nogueira Casa Civil The report questioned the ministry about the proposed isolation and the procedure in case of a positive Covid19 test but got no answer.

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