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Wish Happy Holi 2020 in 12 Indian languages

Happy Holi 2020
Happy Holi 2020

Happy Holi 2020 : “United we stand, divided we fall.” If a foreign soul asks you, what is the premier strength of your nation? This would be most befitting reply, “We are like the variegated leaves of an ancient tree, the tree is our motherland. Sure, the leaves may not appear beautiful at once, or out of place even, but the ‘chit’ (true awareness) of our existence lies in the fact that we belong to the same tree.  The leaves would have no existence if the tree dies out.”

“In the beginning there was only One, we call that One by many names.”

~ Vedanta

What better occasion to remind ourselves of the sanctity of the age old principles and values of our prehistoric culture, than the most joyous festival of HOLI?The festival commemorating the victory of kindness over evil.  The victory of light over darkness.

The traditions speak for themselves, the night before Holi, the ceremony of ‘Holikadehen’  is performed which indeed is a symbol of burning down our sins and evil in the purifying fire of the lord. The next day when the air is filled with his grace and an atmosphere of joy surmounts, people get out of their homes to meet and greet each other.  The itinerary of sweets prepared in Indian households on this holy occasion is endless, visit any home in your neighborhood and you’d be greeted with hugs and at least 10 different types of sweets and food items.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that every face on this great subcontinent of ours, smeared with colors, glows with peace on this festive occasion. Now, as you have enough reasons, don’t get into the why (y), just replace it with I and indulge in some action. HOLY IS HOLI. Wish your friends ‘Happy Holi 2020’ in their mother tongue. Here’s a list to help you say Happy Holi in – different Indian languages. ( I know you won’t say, but text 🙂 )

Happy Holi

होलीमुबारक – Hindi

শুভহোলি – Bengali

होळीच्याशुभेच्छा – Marathi

இனியஹோலி – Tamil

హ్యాపీహోలీ – Telugu

શુભહોળી – Gujarati

ਹੋਲੀਮੁਬਾਰਕ – Punjabi

ഹോളിഹോളി – Malayalam

ಹ್ಯಾಪಿಹೋಳಿ – Kannada

होलीकोशुभकामना – Nepali

ہولیمبارکہو – Urdu

هوليخوشٿيو – Sindhi

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