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Jimmy shergill revisits maachis

Jimmy shergill revisits maachis

Jimmy shergill revisits maachis : In the thirteen features of our exclusive series, the actor talks about his first film, Gulzar directorial Maachis.

Jimmy Shergill is known for his lover-boy roles in earlier films such as Mohabbatein and Dil Vil pyar var. but it was not that what the actor started off. Jimmy has played a role of terrorist in the Maachis film.
In the career cross over 20 years, Jimmy had made a mark in both Hindi and Punjabi movie.

Though his recent screenland comes saw him play small-town characters, his flip as Jaimal Singh aka Jimmy, a young boy WHO winds up choosing guns whereas seeking revenge in Gulzar’s directorial Maachis (1996) is noteworthy.

Jimmy shergill revisits maachis

Maachis also starring Chandrachur Singh, Tabu, Om Puri and Kulbhushan Kharbanda went on to win two national awards. Jimmy shergill how destiny got him his debut film.

He said he doesn’t face camera on the first day. He had requested the director of film if could be on the sets every day. I was not shooting for first 20 days. They were shooting Chandrachur Singh and Tabu’s flashback part in the village. He started going for the shoot every single day, being there from morning till whatever time the shoot was happening. He watched and understood what is happening. After 20-25 days, my part started.

He still remembered that shot was on a truck. It was taken with a steady cam and the truck shops somewhere and rocky tries to come inside the truck and we are sitting with these bags of grenades. He asks what is there inside those bags and I tell him “aanar hai”. I still remember that was the scene.

Jimmy shergill revisits maachis

He was always nervous before I approach any character. Since Gulzar was was there in the Maachis, he thought there was not any issue about retakes. He guess the maximum retakes we took in the Maachis was in the song “Chod aaye hum vo Galiyan”. In a scene, we are climbing down a mountain in Manali and there was very tight close-up.

He used to watch lot of movies. He was like big film fan but I had never thought that I will go to Bombay. It was just happened. It was all destined. When he was going there and started his acting classes, it is then it realized that this is what I want to do. This is what he was made because he gives a joy.

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