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ZEE5’s Comedy Shots just got better with comedians Gaurav Kapoor and Sanjay Rajoura’s latest performance

ZEE5's Comedy Shots

ZEE5 is heading into the standup comedy Comedy Shots where the comedians from all around the country are given a space to share a dose of laughter. Stand-up comedy without any doubt had been sidelined by many and now it’s finally seeking a rightful place with Comedy Shots on ZEE5.

The latest episode of ‘Comedy Shots’ that aired on 14th June brings Gaurav Kapoor who narrates his funny experience from a marathon that was held in Mumbai.

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Talking about the episode in detail, Gaurav Kapoor narrates his funny experience during the marathon race and the peculiar people that he faced which was indeed bizarre. He is having a hard time understanding the logic behind paying an organization just to run on an open field. “Matlab Paisa Mera Jaraha hai Toh, Paseena Mera Kyun Jaye?” Gaurav Kapoor’s timing of the puns is accurate and it hits at the right place. Gaurav Kapoor talks about his journey of experience where he met some weird yet typical candidates of the marathon. One of the best moments of the episode came when he said, “Main bada hua Delhi mein, toh Maine Zindagi Mein Sirf Ek hi Cheej Seekhi Hain, ki Kisi Aur organizer ka paisa lo Aur dor Jao. Sidha Gayab ho Jao Bhai Waha Se.” Gaurav keeps the audience hooked to the story as he gives a glimpse of the middle-class family mentality here.

Gaurav Kapoor calls the marathon to be a big scam and he gives a good reason for it. ‘Marathon takes place in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and the people who win belong from Kenya, Namibia, Yuganda’. Gaurav Kapoor delivers his joke by saying Indians who know that they can never win always put spiritual lines. He mentions the candidates who go to Marathon but in no intention of running comes with a spiritual line like, “Marathon is not a race against others, it’s a race within yourself.” Gaurav Kapoor talks about his friend, “Mera Ek dost Delhi Se Mumbai Aya Flight Leke Office Se Chutti Leke Aya Mumbai Marathon Ke Liye, Inko Kehta hai reverse Evolution.”

Gaurav Kapoor

He further talks about the hypocrisy of the candidates who took part in the marathon race. He encountered an uncle taking a selfie in the middle of the marathon race and later he delivered his hilarious comment that he probably was sent to the WhatsApp group. However, he thought of motivating uncle, “Come on Uncle you can do it” whose reply he received “Nahi beta, you come on, you come on.” The audience burst into a peal of huge laughter hearing this.

Gaurav Kapoor

According to what Gaurav noticed, people who wear more accessory and clothes are usually the one who stops running in the first few minutes. They would buy expensive shoes and watch for the marathon but after few distances, they will be the one to stop running. But Gaurav Kapoor brings out an epic solution for this problem in Comedy Shots which you need to see to believe.

Gaurav Kapoor very meticulously showed us the exact picture of the marathon in the Comedy Shots and he did not even spare the celebrities out of it. “Marathon p Ajkal celebrities log daur rahehe bina baat ke, Ambani daur raha tha, uske piche sare bank wale daud rahe the kehke hume loan thoda de de yaar” The crowd cheered to this hilarious joke.

What you just read was barely a glimpse into the fun that occurs on Comedy Shots. It showed that when it is Gaurav Kapoor, be sure about burning your calories because he is unstoppable and never runs out of jokes. So, catch him and other popular standup comics on Comedy Shots at ZEE5 to have a fun time.