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Bharat Trailer Gets Regard from Shahrukh Khan “Kya Baat Hai Bhai”

Bharat movie trailer salman khan
Bharat movie trailer salman khan

The big wait is finally over. The teaser of the most anticipated film ‘Bharat’ is finally out and we cannot stop talking about it. The trailer speaks itself about the intensity the actors had put in on their characters in the movie Bharat. The trailer is breathtaking not just for us but even for Shahrukh Khan who has given a lot of praise to Salman for his role. The promo is a three minute long which showcases the whole journey of his character from 18 to 72. It will not be wrong to say that each of the transformations that Salman Khan showed is distinct and pretty convincing. Recently Shahrukh Khan tweeted for his trailer “Kya baat hai Bhai!! Bahut Khoob”. When the legendary romantic hero liked the promo so much then you can only guess the excitement that is building within us.

Trailer is out

We cannot wait to see the older version Salman Khan which actually made us fall in love with him at first. The retro look of the film has a nostalgic essence which takes back to the older days when we started loving Salman Khan and his boyish charms. We will get to see so many shades of Salman Khan in just one movie makes us go eager more for the release date. The impeccable background used in the film raises the bar of the standard all the more and assures us that yet another blockbuster movie is on the way this year.

Katrina Kaif comes on Board

Today marks as the double bonanza for Katrina Kaif as they provided us the official news about her reuniting with Akshay after 9 years long for Sooryavanshi. Initially, it was Priyanka Chopra was about to play the role with Salman Khan in Bharat and she even came on board for the film. But in the last minute, she walked out of the project. Katrina told Midday that she has read the whole script for three hours and she loved it and thus grabbed the opportunity. She also mentioned that she saw a very good opportunity of going an extra mile with the character and so she grabbed the opportunity with both hands. She even clears the air by saying that it has nothing to do with her friendship with either Salman Khan or Ali. She let us know that he did not even call her after she signed for the film. She met Salman Khan directly on the set.

About The Film

The film Bharat is an adaptation of the Korean film ‘An ode to my father’. The film also brings some interesting characters like Sunil Grover, Jacky Shroff, Nora Fatehi, Disha Patani. The movie will be released on 5th June.

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