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Danger! Sreesanth’s fan threatened Bigg Boss 12 winner Dipika Kakar of acid attack

Dipika Kakar
Dipika Kakar threatened of acid attack (image source: YouTube)

Bigg Boss season 12 Winner has been ended with a lots of controversy as Dipika Kakar won the show few people dislike her victory. The news of her winning the show may not go down well with the Sreesanth’s fans who was the first runner up of the show. One of the Sreesanth’s fans took to twitter and posted an abusive tweet against Dipika Kakar.

The tweet reads as “Kitna ghaitya aurat hai ye makki tu ekbar live re devorcy aurat tujhe kitna troll karenge tujhe pata nehi tera dipstar ne had kardi saree bohut bura kaha abhi tera personal life pe hum attack karenge dek lena tu aur main Mumbai main hun agar tu mujhe dik Jaye acid fekke marunga.” Afterward Dipika’s fan page immediately reacted to this tweet and tweeted to Mumbai Police for a necessary action against him.

While Surbhi Rana came out in support of Dipika Kakar and said to entertainment portal Spotboye “We all may have had our favourites, but we must learn to respect the final vote count. It’s a game, and the winner is selected by the highest number of votes. There should be no confusion and no outrage. This guy, whosoever he is, is insane. The police should take immediate action and track him down wherever he is placed. He should be slapped really hard.”

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However, inside the house Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar shared an amazing rapport with each other but her victory disappoint bigg boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde also.

Dipika Kakar threatened of acid attack(image source: Dipika Kakar threatened of acid attack (image source: LatestLY)

She tweeted against her “Aajkal sabhi product banavati aate Hain.. yaha Tak makkhi maarne ke bhi.. Suna Hain show ke makers ne bhi milavati product ko promote karna shuru Kar Diya.. Makkhi pura season bhunbhunati rahi aakhir main Makkhi Jeet gayi Isliye trophy bhi break ho gai !!!”

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