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Bigg Boss Kannada 6: The elimination of these two contestants have shocked everyone!

bigg boss kannada season 6 elimination today
bigg boss kannada season 6 elimination today

Bigg boss kannada season 6 elimination today :Bigg Boss is one such show which makes people super entertained as it almost digs out the personal emotions of celebrities. However, we’re talking about Bigg Boss Kannada 6 which has just eliminated its two contestants. On January 5, its audience have been shocked after seeing two contestants eliminated. Jeevitha and Murali have been shown the door from Kiccha Sudeep hosted show.

Amidst the eliminations round, the fear of getting out from the show has involved Jeevitha, Dhanraj, Naveen, Shashi, Kavitha, Rashmi, Akshata, Murali and Rakesh. After getting huge response on social media sited which expected Rashmi and Jeevitha to be ouster from the show. Hence, Murali’s eviction from show has shocked everyone.

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Murali was one such contestants who entered the Bigg Boss show in its first day and stayed there for 77 days. Initially he was expected to be out from the show as he was not involved and active in the house but later he earned lots of respect and love from the house and viewers.

On the other hand, Jeevitha had entered the house as a wild card entrant and stayed there for 23 days. The show kick started on October 21 with an entery of 18 contestants Sonu Patil, Andy, Jayashree, RJ Rakesh, Oggarane Dabbi aka Murali, Akshata Pandavapura, crickter Rakshita Rai. RJ Rapid Rashmi, Adam Pasha, Kavitha Gowda, actor and body builder AV Ravi, Shashi Kumar and few others.

The eliminated contestants are Rakshita Rai, Reema, Sneha, Adam Pasha, AV Ravi, Anand, Sonu Patil, Nayana, Meghashree and Jayasree. The show is hosted by Kiccha Sudeep.

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