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Not Shraddha Kapoor but this actress is a new GF of Farhan Akhtar. Any guesses who’s she?

Farhan Akhta
Farhan Akhtar's new girlfriend

Bollywood Town is buzzing with another hot news as actor Farhan Akhtar who recently supported Me Too campaign’s women made headlines for some personal reason. The actress Shibani Dandekar had shared a picture with a mystery man and left people on guessing that whom is she dating now? People keep guessing that the man is none other than Farhan Akhtar but never got confirm until the actor has also shared the same picture on his Instagram with a heart.

Look at the picture in which Shibani has turned her head while holding hand with Farhan Akhtar. This picture took the internet by storm!

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After getting a divorce with the wife, Farhan’s name was also linked with Shraddha Kapoor as the actor had also miffed with Aditya Roy Kapoor, Shraddha’s rumored boyfriend. Seems like, Farhan has moved on with a new relationship. Moreover, recently when Amrita Puri targeted Farhan Akhtar to remain silent on his cousin Sajid Khan’s wrong deeds, Shibani Dandekar came in to rescue him.

Farhan Akhtar
Farhan Akhtar’s new girlfriend (image source: India Today)

She wrote, “I do not support dragging innocent people through this .. focus on the ones who should be held accountable.” Clarifying it Farhan had also tweeted, “I deeply resent your insinuation that me or my family knew of his behaviour yet did nothing. Your anger is justified. Your conspiracy theories not. @_Amrita_Puri”.

Farhan also replied on twitter that it is sinful to blame him as he was informed and kept quiet about the matter. Meanwhile, Sajid Khan refused to direct Housefull 4 as Akshay Kumar has recently said that he’ll not work with an offender in a sexual harassment case. On the other hand, sister Farah Khan also extends her support to sexual harassment victims.

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