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Soorma Movie Review: The Sandeep Singh Biopic fails to strike the correct goal

Soorma Movie Review

Soorma Movie Review: What could be a better background for a sports drama than a real-life unsung hero, who has had an inspiring comeback to hockey after an unfortunate accident. While Soorma manages to tells us Sandeep Singh’s story in a nutshell, it fails to bring the point all the way home.

Starring singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh, Angad Bedi, Tapsee Pannu as the lead Soorma takes us through the journey of Sandeep Singh. An intriguing story of Love, Hockey, Struggle, and Comeback of an ace hockey player, who led the Indian hockey team to many glorious wins in international tournaments.

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Soorma Movie Storyline 

The Sports Drama is the real-life story of Sandeep Singh (Diljit), who had an on again off again affair with Hockey. As a kid, Sandeep detested hockey due to a strict coach. Later he started playing hockey as he fell in love with field hockey player Harpreet Kaur (Tapsee).

Sandeep becomes engrossed in the game when he is needed to make it to the Indian team in order to get Harpreet. Here comes in big brother Bikramjeet (Angad), who while coaching Sandeep discovers that he has quite a prowess in a particularly difficult shot of hockey – Drag flick.

Comes in coach Harry, who hones in his game and Sandeep becomes an important member of the Indian Hockey team. Life is good until Sandeep meets with an unfortunate gun accident and is paralyzed waste below. The verdict comes out that he won’t ever be able to play hockey again.

Ignored by his former team and his lover Sandeep is desperate to make a comeback. What ensued is a battle of will, determination, and passion against the odds. Sandeep not only recovers from his paralysis but makes an epic comeback on the ground as well.

Soorma Movie Review

Soorma marks the debut of Chitrangada Singh as a producer. Directed and written by Shaad Ali, the film is more drag than the flick.

Here’s the truth, after reading the story one might think of exiting the theatre pumped with exhilaration and inspiration but unfortunately that doesn’t happen. Soorma is a good biopic but far from as inspiration as the original story is, It fails to move you like Bhaag Milka Bhaag or perhaps Lakshya did.

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The major reason is the lack of a tight script, especially in the second half. Sandeep’s struggle and determination to get back into the field is subdued by other angles in the film.

The amount of strain and other emotions that Sandeep might have gone through to get back on his feet is rushed and thus the connection isn’t that well established.

Diljit tries to do justice to his character but at times mostly due to script losses his charm. Angad comes out as a real hero, with an amazing portrayal of Sandeep’s brother. Vijay Raaz as coach Harry breathes life into the character and film by his timely amusing anecdotes.

Tapsee’s role is minuscule in comparison to others and she effortlessly plays a sassy yet obedient hockey player.

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Soorma Movie Rating

The story of Sandeep Singh is quite moving in itself and thus Soorma deserves a chance. But do not expect Goosebumps during the story like you got while watching the climax of Chak De.