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Naagin Season 3 9 July, 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Anu sets a trap for Bella

Naagin Season 3 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: Anu tries to convince ACP that Bella is an ‘Icchadhari Naag,’ she vows to prove it to him. Jhamini’s real intention towards Bella is revealed. Everyone visits the haveli in lieu of a false ‘Muh Dikhai,’ Anu has invited snake charmers there to catch Bella in her Naagin avatar.

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Anu is at ACP’s home and he doesn’t believe her Naagin story. Anu tells him all about the night when they killed the Naag. Still unmoved by Anu’s explanation Anu challenges the ACP that she will prove him same.

Bella  (Surbhi Jyoti) hears some shouting voices from Jhamini’s room and opens the door. Jhamini is sitting on the bed and Bella asks her about the shouting noises. Jhamini pretends that she is watching some videos of her and Rehaan.

Jhamini’s real plan is revealed

Bella is about to leave when Jhamini stops her and extends a hand of friendship, Bella accepts it. Bella leaves and Jhamini talks to mini Adi and comes in her witch form.

She tells Adi that she will not let anything happens to Bella as she herself wants to kill her as a sacrifice. Jhamini explains that if any witch sacrifices a Naagrani, she becomes the queen of hell. Doing so she will become the most powerful witch of all and can control anyone she wants.

Bella falls over Maahir

When Bella enters her room, she sees Vish (Anita Hassandani). Vish asks her about the picture chart Anu found and Bella tells her that Jhamini saved her. The duo doubts Jhamini’s intention and Vish decides to investigate her. Vish warns Bella that Anu might plan something else to trap her.

Maahir (Pearl V Puri) enters the room suddenly and in an attempt to distract him from seeing Vish or her snake form Bella falls over him. The duo has an eye lock with romantic background music to accompany them.

Anu calls Kuhu early in the morning and convinces her to get everyone to the Haveli in lieu of Mooh Dikhai. After an initial hesitation, everyone agrees for the ceremony.

Jhamini asks for Bella’s help

Bella hears Jhamini crying and she asks her about it. Jhamini tells her that she is missing Rehaan. She convinces Bella to accompany her to a nearby temple. Bella agrees to go, Maahir comes there and tells Bella about the ceremony. Bella leaves to get dressed for it.

While getting ready, Bella and Maahir discuss their idea about love, which matched quite a lot.

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The fake ceremony

At the Haveli, Anu has planted CCTV cameras at various angles and made preparations for the fake ceremony. Acp arrives there and while looking around find Vikrant’s photo, he feels that he has seen him somewhere.

Anu and ACP hide before the family arrives. The villagers welcome the family and Sumitra  (Rakshanda Khan) thanks them for organizing the function. The villagers tell her that they haven’t organized this and they themselves are guests here.

Bella overhears this and suspects something is amiss. Before she could react she and Suhani are seated behind a flower curtain. Maahir and Pratham are seated in front of those curtains and the villagers play a game with them.

Meanwhile, Vish learns about the ceremony and suspects something amiss as well, she goes to the Haveli. ACP gets a little agitated with Anu as nothing is happening at the ceremony except that silly game.

Just then some snake charmers arrive at the Haveli, Vish sees them and goes to warn Bella. Before any of them could react the charmers play their trumpets, Bella immediately feels dizzy after hearing the tune.

Vish suggests her to take her real form and she will take her place as she is a little more tolerant to the charmers’ tune. Bella’s father/Guruji arrive there and offers to help Bella by reading some Mantras that will increase her power.

He leaves for praying while Bella is behind the curtain unable to control her snake form from showing.


Maahir is confronting Bella about someone when he almost says that he loves her, but stops in the mid sentence. Jhamini manages to bring Bella to the Mandir for her sacrifice.