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Naagin Season 3 7 July, 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bella fails to kill Maahir

Naagin Season 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: Bella and Maahir are about to leave for the Mandir when ACP Ajitabh Singh comes there and introduces himself. He suspects Bella but Maahir protects her. Bella tries to kill Maahir but his caring nature towards her is stopping her from doing so.

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Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan) gives the Pooja stuff to Bela (Surbhi Jyoti). She and Maahir (Pearl V Puri) are about to leave when ACP Ajitabh Singh comes there and introduces himself.

Ajitabh asks Bella if she has had heard any noise or shouting on the night Rehaan went missing. Bella confidently says no, Acp asks again as he tells them that the CCTV footage suggests Rehaan was shouting.

Maahir stops Ajitabh from asking further questions, protecting Bella. The duo is leaving when Ajitabh drops the pen he is holding and observes that Bella is good at hearing. After the couple leave Jhamini offers to help the ACP.

Police stop Maahir and Bella

At the checkpoint, Maahir is getting the papers checked when a constable comes to Bella. The constable is Vish (Anita Hassandani) in disguise and reminds Bella that she has to kill Maahir on this trip. She adds that she will stop Pratham and Suhani from reaching the mandir. The duo leaves.

Vish and Arvins, who is disguised as inspector stop Pratham’s car as well. They keep nails underneath his tires and he moves ahead, the tire is punctured. Pratham calls Maahir to inform the same and Maahir suggests him to head home after the car is fixed.

Maahir picks up Bella

Maahir and Bella reach near the mandir. Maahir tells her that they have to walk the rest of the way, he picks up Bella. Bella objects to the same and he tells her that his mother told that this is part of the ritual and they have to follow the same.

Bella agrees as they are walking Bella and Maahir the ice between the couple melts further. As if on cur, the rain arrives and the duo is getting drenched. Bella checks the bag and finds an umbrella, she holds it while Maahir walks them.

Maahir picks her up more firmly so she is covered under the umbrella, their faces come quite close to each other in the process. At the lake, Bella steps down and fills water in a pot. As she slips while getting up and Maahir steadies her, they come quite close to each other during this.

At the Mandir

Maahir picks her again as they walk to the temple now. At the temple, they perform the ritual. The Panditji asks Maahir to put Sindoor in Bella’s maang. Bella gets conscious about it and prays to God to not to let this happen.

Maahir makes an excuse and tells Bella that he will never do something that she doesn’t like. While they are keeping the plate down, the sindoor flies and fills Bella’s maang and falls on Maahir’s face as well. The Panditji tells them that the Goddess has blessed them.

Paditji asks Bella to complete the ritual by walking around the Mandir’s circumference and Maahir to pray to the Goddess. The duo says opposite things about each other. While Maahir wants to protect her Bella wants to kill him.

Bella enters the Mandir after finishing her rituals and she hears Maahir praying for her well-being. Bella feels a little attracted towards him. The duo leaves the mandir and starts walking towards the car. Maahir excitedly chats with her while she tries to conjure the strength to kill him.

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Arvind and Bella attack Maahir

Maahir gets a call from Sumitra and he is distracted talking to her. Arvind pulls Bella aside and tells her that Vish has asked him to help Bella kill Maahir.

Maahir turns around and finds Bella missing, he calls for Bella. Someone hits Maahir on his head, he shouts and falls to the ground.  Sumitra has heard this and she gets tensed about Maahir and Bella.

Arvind and Bella change forms and Arvind starts beating Maahir brutally (wondering how hard it is t for them to bite him). All the while Maahir asks for Bella and tells them to kill him but not to harm her Bella. Bella in disguise is about to hit Maahir but couldn’t, she runs away.

Taking advantage of the situation Maahir beats up Arvind. Bella gains back her control and decides to show no mercy to Maahir and kill him. She goes to him and beats him unconscious. Bella is almost about to sting him but Maahir takes her name and Bella loses her will again.

Sumitra worried about Maahir and Bella

Sumitra rushes towards the hall and gathers everyone, she tells them about Maahir’s abrupt shout and asks them to do something. Pratham and Suhana return home, seeing them the get more worried for Maahir and Bella.

Anu tells them that Bella is the one who wants to hurt Maahir. Sumitra scolds her for thinking like that. Anu tells everyone that she heard Adi that he got an audio message for Revan before he went missing. The audio message mentions Bella name and that she will kill everyone.

On time for once, ACP arrives there and asks Anu about if she is sure. Everyone else ridicules the thought and tells him that Adi has been a little unstable after his visit to jail. He asks Anu to get Adi and Jhamnini who’s talk she has overheard so that he can confirm what she is saying about Bella.

Mongoose surrounds Bella

Bella runs away from there and thinks about her situation. Before she could realize a bunch of most fake Mongoose you might have seen surrounds her.

She is about to take her Naagin form and kill them all But Maahir comes there and she could not change. She thinks to herself that she cannot kill the Mongoose in front of Maahir or Maahir in front of them.

Looking for a way out, Bella steps back further. She steps on an unsteady rock and slips.


Maahir and Bella are falling off the cliff in slow motion and with appropriate background music.