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Naagin Season 3 30 June 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bella tries to Kill Maahir, but fails

Naagin Season 3 Full Episode Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: Bella is determined to kill Maahir but even after multiple attempts fails to do so. Rehaan’s body arrives at their place and everybody is shocked.

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Maahir ( Pearl V Puri) reaches the mandir looking for Bella (Surbhi Jyoti). Bella sees him and comes out of the mandir, on the other hand, Vish also takes Bella’s form and come near the car.

Bella’s snakeskin is shredding

Luckily, Maahir just spots one of the Bella as Vish turns into her snake form and leaves. Bella and Maahir return back home. Bella would shred her snakeskin at 12 and she is worried that someone might spot her during the same.

Maahir’s mother asks him to hand over the ‘Khandani,’ bangle to Bella and give their relationship an honest chance. Bella’s skin had started to show the ‘snaky’ effect and she asks Vish to not to let anyone in, especially Maahir.

While Vish attempts delay Maahir, she overhears Rehaan’s message that he left on Adi’s phone. In the message, Rehaan tells him that Bella is a Naagin. Adi immediately runs to tell everyone about the same. Vish intervenes by distracting everyone and deleting the voice message.

Bella fails to kill Maahir

Maahir comes into the room and Bella initially hides under a veil to hide her skin. Later, Maahir offers her the traditional bangle, she tries to kill him but fails as he bends down.

Maahir goes out to sleep and Bella is upset that she missed her chance of killing him. She recalls her mother explaining that once she turns Naagrani, she should learn to recognize the good from the bad. Bella is talking to her self that all these humans are bad and will pay for killing her lover.

Suhani and Bella cook

Paulomi brings Suhaani into this house and suggests that she and Bella will do the ‘pehli rasoi rasam,’ together. A long list of dishes are expected from them and they get nervous about it as they don’t know how to cook.

Maahir comes to their rescue and helps them, Pratham also joins in to help Suhaani. As the food is prepared Vish comes into the kitchen and suggests her killing Maahir via poisoning the Kheer.

Bella puts poison in the kheer to kill Maahir but mistakenly that sweet poison bowl is taken by her sister-in-law Koo. Bella somehow manages to stop Koo to eat that poisoned kheer.  Suddenly police come up with Rehan’s body in Maahir’s home.


 Bella is trying to kill Maahir, will she succeed?