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Naagin Season 3 22 July, 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bella fails to expose Jhamini

Naagin Season 3 Episodic update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: Jhamini intentionally exposes herself in front of Bella and gives her an open challenge. Bella accepts the challenge and thinks ways to expose Jhamini. She fails to do so and Vish/Rehaan and Bella are worried about the impending nuptials.

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While Bella(Surbhi Jyoti) is trying to pick up the fallen Haldi, Jhamini slides/fly into the room. Bella soon realizes that Jhamini’s feet are not touching the ground. Jhamini finally reveals her real self to Bella.

She flies out of the window and tells Bella that if she dared to tell anyone about Jhamini’s witch status, she will also open up about her Naagin status. Bella being her heroic self, challenges Jhamini that she will get her out of the house.

Just then Sumitra walks in and Bela is surprised, Jhamini manages to get back to her docile avatar saving herself from exposure. Vish/Rehaan (Anita Hassandani) is really flustered about all the wedding preparations for her. The family members try to tease him and relax him before the rituals kickoff.

In front of Sumitra, Jhamini acts all goody two shoes and tells her that she misses her parents. Behind her she sneaks the landline to call ACP, she changes her voice and informs him to inquire about Raavi Saluja to learn about Yuvi’s absence. ACP who has already gotten suspicious about Bella gets more intrigued after the call.

Bella tells Vish

The wedding festivities have begun with Haldi ceremony. Obviously, Rehaan/ Vish is quite upset about it all. oddly, everyone keeps wondering where is Adi, but no one really tries to find him.

Maahir (Pearl V Puri) applies Haldi on Rehaan and Bella on Jhamini. Jhamini taunts Bella about losing this battle and Bella efficiently taunts her back. Uneasy with the proceedings Vish/Rehaan calls Bella, as Bella applies Haldi to him Maahir is fuming with jealousy.

In lieu of talking to Vish, Bella applies Haldi in Vish’s eyes and offer to help her clean up. Later, Bella tells her that Jhamini is a witch. Vish gets really scared and informs that if Vish gets married to Jhamini she will lose her power.

Maahir almost caught them

Bella tries to calm her down, in her fear Vish speaks out that Maahir is doing all this as he has fallen head over heels for Bella. Before Bella could react, Maahir shoves the door open. Vish immediately turns into Rehaan and Bella into a snake.

Maahir asks about Bella as she slides out in her snake form. Rehaan informs Maahir that she is not here and Maahir. He is about to contest when Bella comes in her human form and comes into the room. Maahir is utterly confused by the event.

ACP arrives at the party

The smart witch, Jhamini has recorded Bella’s transformation. The ACP comes to the party and Andy confronts him for gatecrashing. Shekhar informs him that he has invited ACP as he is handling Rehaan’s missing case.

The ACP informs Jhamini that he knew she has given him a call. Jhamini asks him to help expose Bella’s wrongdoings and ACP informs her that his cops are mingled with the guests in civil clothes. Jhamini is obviously ecstatic that her plans are working out perfectly.

The Sangeet

Bella plans a few tricks to expose Jhamini’s true identity in front of everyone. The sangeet starts and Bella drags the couple on the dance floor. As she dances with Rehaan, Maahir fumes; he leads Jhamini towards Rehaan and takes Bella away.

Maahir starts dancing with Bella and she questions his intentions. He asks her why is all the discomfort when he comes close and not any around Rehaan. Bella chooses not to answer and leaves from there.

The lights are dimmed and a spotlight is directed at Rehaan and Jhamini. The couple dances and Bella starts executing her plan. Bella throws Rose petals on Jhamini as even if a single thorn hits her she will come in her original form. With seven mirror places on appropriate places, Vish starts twirling Jhamini as per Bella’s instruction.

Jhamini is caught in their plan and almost comes into her real skin. Understanding their scheme Jhamini shows Vish/Rehaan, Bella video of transformation. Bella switches on the light for the big reveal, while Vish spoils her plan by blowing the chandelier’s light off.

Till the time lights are back up Jhamini manages to get back into her normal avatar. The chandelier breaks and falls down, Maahir saves Bella as from stepping on the broken glass.

Vish tells Bella about the video

Bela gets angry with Rehan/ Vish for spoiling the plan. Vish tells her about the Video. The duo is stuck in the middle they try to think of a way out of this mess.

Jhamini in the meanwhile enchants Panditji to prepone their wedding mahurat. Bella overhears the Panditji and worries about its repercussions. ACP enquires Bella about her play with the spotlight and mirrors, Bella makes an excuse about it. Bela comes to Jamini’s room; Jamini is dressed as bride and Bella asks her to come down.


Bela asks Mahir to stop being nice to her and says she doesn’t want any help from him. Mahir counter that when he asked her to break this marriage, she didn’t.

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