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Naagin Season 3 21 July, 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Maahir fixed Jhamini and Rehaan wedding

Naagin 3 Episodic update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: Maahir continues to be jealous of Bella and Rehaan/Vish’s friendship. He questions Bella about the same and Bella ridicules his suspicion of an affair. Maahir decides to take drastic effect and fixes Rehaan and Jhamini’s wedding. Vish is really worried about the wedding and Bella tries to find a way around it.

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Maahir (Pearl V Puri) sees Rehaan/Vish (Anita Hassandani) and Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) coming out together and his jealousy increases. They all leave for home.

ACP is watching the ‘Godh Bharai’ video and he spots a snake amidst the blowing winds. He gets shocked and doubts Bella. Anu is talking to Kuhu on the phone as She searches Jhamini’s room. They find nothing and Anu tells them that something is amiss. Aditya manages to escape and tries to contact these guys.
Jhamini comes there and stops Aditya she asks everyone what they are doing in her room. RJ makes an excuse. Maahir, Bella, and Rehaan comes there and everyone disperses.
Rehaan/Vish also runs out of the room, he meets Bella. Bella is making fun of her as she is trying to escape Jhamini. Vish tells her that she will do anything to uncover Jhamini’s truth and as per the bet she has to kill Maahir soon. Bella tells her that she has planned to kill Maahir on the roof and will make it seem like an accident.
Maahir  confronts  Bella
They both leave to complete their respective bets. Bella enters the room and Maahir asks about her and Rehaan relationship. Whereas, Vish tries to romance Jhamini and gets pretty uncomfortable with it. She decides to quit it and leaves from there and Jhamini tries hard to seduce Rehaan/Vish.
Maahir loses his temper and pushes Bella against the wall. When he questions about Rehaan again, Bella questions him that what is it to him. Maahir almost spills that he is falling in love with her when he stops in the mid-sentence.
He controls his anger and apologizes to Bella for his behavior. However, before leaving the room Maahir asks her to think about her answer about Rehaan and tell him the same by the morning.

Maahir is roaming restlessly in the hall when he sees Rehaan go into Bella’s room. He doubts the duo again and decides to confront them now. But he decides against it as he has given Bella time till tomorrow morning and will wait for her answer till then.

Vish tells Bella that she can’t romance Jhamini and they will have figure another way to find her identity. She also adds that Jhamini might be innocent. Bella contests that saying that she has a bad feeling about Jhamini and they should not trust her even a bit.

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Jhamini brings tea for Bella

In the morning, Jhamini brings tea for Bella. Bella suspects her intention and exchanges the teacup. Jhamini happily thinks that she expected Bella to do the same and thus planned accordingly.

When Jhamini insists Bella to drink, Bella makes an excuse that it is hot. She goes toward the table fan and throws the tea, expecting Jhamini’s plan. Jhamini observes this and smiles to herself and thinks that throwing the tea might not make a difference. The medicine is on the cup and as soon as Bella will take a sip, she will feel dizzy and Jhamini can take her away to kill her.

Bella is about to sip from the cup when Maahir calls her and she throws the cup. Bella apologizes saying that Maahir sudden call scared her and she lost balance.

Maahir confronts Bella

Maahir takes Bella outside the room and asks her about her decision.  Sumitra comes there and takes Bella to help her with some work. While Bella is helping her Maahir tells Bella that he needs to talk to her.

Bella repeatedly refuses his request to talk, thus Maahir takes her hand and takes her to their room. Maahir asks her about her relationship with Rehaan again. Bella irritatedly tells him that there is nothing between them. Maahir asks her if she is sure and Bella angrily tells him that she is pretty sure.

Maahir fixes Jhamni and Rehaan’s marriage

Still not fully satisfied with Bella’s answer, Maahir has everyone gathered in the hall. Rehaan’s parents also come there and Maahir announces that Rehaan and Jhamini will get married tomorrow itself.

While Rehaan/Vish, Bella, and Jhamini are in a state of shock, everyone rejoices and agrees to the plan. Jhamini hugs Rehaan and he makes an excuse and leaves. She thinks that Maahir has spoiled her plan and she will have to hurry up now.

Here, Vish is really irritated by this decision as she obviously doesn’t want to marry Jhamini. Next day everyone is decked and prepared for the wedding. Maahir tells them that everything is arranged.

While Bella feeds sweets to everyone, Poulomi promotes her to feed Maahir as well. Bella goes towards him, Maahir opens his mouth but Bella hands him the sweet and moves back. Maahir feels a little bad about it.

Bella silents ask Rehaan/Vish to meet her and Maahir observes this. He sees Bella and Rehaan going upstairs and feels jealous again. Bella tries to calm a paranoid Vish and assures her that she will take care of everything.

Maahir sees Bella hugging Rehaan and confronts Bella once again about their relationship. Bella denies it again and tells him that Rehaan gave her a gift fo Jhamini. Maahir doubts her and asks her to show it to him, Bella makes an excuse and leaves from there.  Maahir continues to seeth.

Bela takes the Haldi to Jhamini’s room. Since no one is in the room she tries to check for some clue. Adi tries to show himself to her but Bella misses him. Jhamini opens the door suddenly and scares Bella.

The Haldi bowl falls to the floor as it is now spread on the floor. Bella bends down to clean it when Jhamini glides over the mess and stands next to Bella. Bella sees her gets shocked seeing her floating in mid-air.


Jhamini reveals that she is a witch and threatens Bela that if she reveals her identity to the family, she will tell everyone that Bela is a Naagin.