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Naagin Season 3 15 July, 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Vish disguises herself as Rehaan

Naagin Season 3 Episodic update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: Jhamini takes Bella to the temple to kill her. Her plan fails as everyone comes there and they find Rehaan (Vish in his avatar). Bella cares for Vish/Rehaan and Maahir gets jealous of them. Vish challenges Bella to kill Maahir, while Bella challenges her to find everything about Jhamini.

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Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) is affected by the snake charmers’ trumpet At the fake ‘Muh Dikhai,’ ceremony organized by Anu to catch Bella in her snake form. On one side Guruji performs some ‘jaap,’ to increase Bella’s power. While Vish  (Anita Hassandani) uses her superpower and creates something like a dust storm.

Everyone gets scared and starts leaving Haveli, snake charmers are stopped as well. Maahir sends escorts everyone out and goes to fetch Bella. Bella is still in her half -snake form and could not control herself fully. Vish disguises herself as Bella and goes with Maahir (Pearl V Puri).

Jhamini takes Bella to the temple

At home, Jhamini learns that Vish is disguised as Bella and goes to look for Bella. Bella is walking towards home and meets Jhamini. Jhamini convinces her to come to the temple with her, Bella doubts her intentions and messages someone before sitting in the car.

At the temple, Bella suspects Jhamini’s intention further. Jhamini pushes Bella off the stairs and starts murmuring some enchantments. She throws net for her, but Bella escapes it, she falls over someone body and shouts.

 Suddenly, Maahir and family arrive at the temple, revealing that Bela had already called them before coming with Jhamini. He checks the body and figures that its Rehaan, they put water on him and Rehaan gains consciousness. Everyone is relieved that Rehaan is found and Vish shows herself to just Bella.

Bella cares for Rehaan/Vish

At home, the doctor is checking Rehaan as Bella hovers over him. She suggests that Rehaan should stay at their place instead of traveling to his home. Rehaan/Vish agrees to the same.

Maahir feels jealous looking at Bella caring for Rehaan. Maahir indirectly asks Bella if she Rehaan well. Vish is irritated that Rehaan’s sister keeps calling on his phone. Bella comes to meet her and Vish tells her that she knows nothing about Rehaan and don’t know how to act like him.

In the morning, Bella and Vish/Rehaan conveniently behave like two close friends bonding and completely forgetting their mission. Maahir continues to be jealous as Bella is too involved with Rehaan/Vish.

Bela, Jhamini, Rehaan, and Mahir go out for a lunch together. At the restaurant also Rehaan sticks to Bella side, getting Maahir more suspicious about their connection.

Vish and Bella challenge each other

Bella goes to the washroom and Rehaan/Vish follows her. Vish tells Bella that she can’t enact in love with Jhamini. Bella asks her to anything to get to know the truth about Jhamini.

Irritated by Bella’s subtle teasing about Jhamini, Vish taunts her about getting close to Maahir. Bella denies the same, so Vish challenges her to kill Maahir anyhow by tonight. While Bella challenges Vish to get closer to Jamini and learn everything she knows.

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