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Naagin Season 3 1 July, 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Vish saves Bella from getting caught

Naagin Season 3 Written Update

Naagin Season 3 Written Update: As Rehaan’ body is brought home, his girlfriend/fiance also arrives. She along with the fake DNA reports proves that it’s not Rehaan’s Body isn’t. After a shoe drama that might have framed Bella for harming Rehaan, Vish takes the blame, saving her from trouble.

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Rehaan’s family is inconsolable after hearing the new. Shekhar blames Andy for not heeding his warning and the death of his son.

A new entrant Jhamini comes there and cries for Rehaan, it is established that she is his Girlfriend. Jhamini adds that she was engaged to Rehaan and they were soon about to tell everyone about the development.

DNA Reports

The inspector tells everyone that they are waiting for the DNA report to confirm is the Body is of Rehaan (as the face is unrecognizable). Jhamini observes that there is no ring the Body’s fingers and claims that it is not Rehaan.

Arvind, the other Naag helping them comes disguised as a constable and hands the inspector the fake DNA report. Vish (Anita Hassandani) has planned the same with Arvind. Upon seeing the reports, the Inspector announces that this not Rehaan and takes the body away.

Bella feels sad

Vish asks Bella to develop a plan to kill Maahir (Pearl V Puri). Bella (Surbhi Jyoti) is upset upon seeing Jhamini’s pain on losing her lover, she tells Vish that she knows the pain too well.

Vish tells her that not to let her humanity hinder her mission as she is not a human. She questions Bella if she is beginning to get attached/attracted to Maahir. Bella immediately rejects the thought and expresses her hatred towards them.

Later, when Bella is talking to Maahir, he reiterates that he will not any harm come to her. Bella seems to confuse at this point as he fells truthfulness in Maahir’s words and in his eyes.

CCTV Footage

Apparently, Jhamini is the smartest one of the lot. She shows everyone the CCTV footage and tells that Rehaan went to the jungle.

In the footage, Rehaan is running and someone holds his neck. Vish and Bela see this in shock, Bella hides her ring in case it might be visible in the footage.

Andy, Sumitra, Shekhar, Mahir, and Jhamini decides to go to Haveli in search of Rehaan. Bela offers to join in, Shekhar doesn’t like the idea and says that she is inauspicious. Mahir defends her saying that she is his wife now and she will come if she wants to. Vish suggests Bella, to kill Maahir if she gets a chance.

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At the Haveli

They split to look around and Bella follows Maahir. She takes her snake form and follows him. While she is in her half snake/ half human form Maahir comes near her. He could not spot her snake half as it is hidden by the tree.

Bella is about to kill Maahir but he hears his mother’s shouting and leaves. Inside the Haveli, Sumitra has seen a blood spot and got scared. Mahir suggests informing the Police about it,  Sumitra finds a lady’s slipper with blood on it and brings it home.

The slipper Drama

Sumitra drops the slipper and Bella wears it saying that she was searching for it. In shock, Sumitra tells everyone that Bella is wearing the bloody sleepers.

When they call Bella, she is not wearing that sleeper, in fact, Vish is wearing them. Everyone accuses Vish of harming Rehaan and she blames Bella for framing ger. Maahir takes Bela’s side and everyone starts blaming Vish, she threatens to call her lawyer.

Jhamini holds Vish and asks her about Rehaan. Vish pushes her and Jhamini falls down near the shoe rack, she finds similar slipper there.

Vish wears that slipper and yells at everyone for blaming her. She threatens them to stop investing in their project when Maahir stops her in mid-sentence.

Maahir shows everyone the real photo of Vishaka Khanna and tells everyone that she is a fraud. Andy is furious about it and is about to hurt Vish when Maahir controls him. Maahir asks Vish to leave their house.

A flashback is shown where Vish and Bella exchange their footwear, so if any blames comes it will be all on Vish. Before leaving Vish challenges them that they all will have to pay for their bad deeds sooner or later. We see Jhamini smiling

Later, Vish and Bella are thinking about the third sleeper and who might be helping them. The doubt the intentions of the helper. Bella is worried about the same and dreams a weird dream related to Jhamini.

Maahir and Bella to go to Moksdham

Bella is uneasy and calls Vish to tell her about the dream and the generic unease she feels around Jhamini.  Vish relaxes her asks her to concentrate on her mission.

Sumitra comes there and tells Bella about a traditional ritual according to which all newly married couple must visit Kuldevi temple near mokshdhaam. She adds that the way is slightly dangerous as it crosses through a Jungle.

Once there Bella will have to take water from the lake and gift that water and sindoor to the Goddess. Vish is listening in and keeps suggesting Bella how she can kill Maahir during the trip.

Bella is preparing for the ritual as Maahir comes in. He rejects the idea and tells her that he will make some excuse for not going. Seeing her chance to kill him slipping, Bella stops him from doing so. She says that they should do it for everyone’s happiness. Later, Bella She messages Vish that she will kill Mahir.


 Jhamini asks Adi about Rehaan and he tells her about the Voice message about Bella.  Anu hears him and tells Sumitra and Andy that Bela wants to kill Mahir.