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Ocean’s 8 Movie Review: The all women spin off delivers a good Con

Ocean's 8 Movie Review

Ocean’s 8 Movie Review: It takes an awesome bunch of people to pull an heist perfectly and the Oceans series showed us some amazing ones at that. The latest in the series Ocean’s 8 explore an all women spin off that works well on most occasions.

Ocean’s 8 have already created waves at the overseas box office. The all women con team is all set to hit the domestic box office tomorrow, before you book your tickets here’s a review.

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Ocean’s 8 Movie Story line

Danny Ocean (Sandra Bullock) is the sister of Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney in the first three editions), who is being let out on parole after five years in jail.

Although she has promised to be on her best behavior, she reverts to her con ways soon. Her master plan that she manifested while in jail is to steal a $150 million Cartier diamond necklace from the Met Gala.

To bring her plan to life, she brings together a team of eight ladies – Cate Blanchett, the biker girl; Rihanna, the hacker;  Helena Bonham Carter, the weird fashion designer; Sarah Paulson, the hoarder; Mindy Kaling, the jewelry expert; Awkwafina, the pickpocket. Joining them is Anne Hathaway, who plays a narcissistic Hollywood brat, obviously she is not what she seems.

Ocean’s 8 Review

The ladies gang perform there role well and above their call of duty but some loose ends in the script mellows their performances. The black sheep among the crew is their director Gary Ross, who could not move the film at a glacial space.

But all is not last as especially the second half gives you a few bunch of surprises that holds your attention. Even the story follows a similar path as its prequels, it still manages to maintain its own identity.

You should pay a visit to your nearest theaters if you enjoy the genre, albeit its not the best movie but the ladies do make it worth your while.

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