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Ramadan 2018 Moon Sighting Today Time in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia: Moon sighted today in India, Pakistan.

Ramadan 2018 Date
Ramadan 2018 Date

The holy month of Ramadan will commence from Tomorrow May 17th 2018, after the moon was spotted in Delhi, Lukhnow today. The moon has been spotted in Delhi and the same has been confirmed by the Chand committee. The start date of Ramadan is determined by both Lunar calculations as well as physical sighting of the moon.

Initially most of the Muslim majority countries followed the dates set for Ramadan by Saudi Arabia Authorities. However nowadays they have started using their own astronomical calculations.

About Ramadan.

Ramadan is the Holy month of Islam and one of the five pillars of Islam. According to Quran, during Ramadan which begins from the new moon of Ninth month of Islamic Lunar calendar, the doors of the heaven are opened and the doors of the hells are closed. During Ramadan, the Muslims have the opportunity to purify their heart, mind, body and soul by devoting themselves to Allah. Muslims perform dawn to dusk fasting and besides that they also abstain from Sexual activity, addiction, jealousy and any negative action. They will offer prayers and not do any bad to anyone for the month of Ramadan. For more information on Ramadan  read Ramadan 2018 Date in India, Saudi Arabia, UAE: History, Significance and a complete guide on Ramadan.

What do Muslims follow in Ramadan

During Ramadan it is believed that the doors of the Allah are open and so hence it is an opportunity of the people to seek forgiveness and get nearer to God. The most important part of Ramadan besides Dawn to Dusk fasting is offering prayers. Mostly all Muslims offer prayers at least 3 times a Day. In fact in countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE, it is official holiday and reduced working hours declared by the government to facilitate observing Ramadan.

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