Home Movie Reviews Raazi Movie Review: A true story of an Indian spy girl story.

Raazi Movie Review: A true story of an Indian spy girl story.

Raazi Movie review
Raazi Movie review

One another movie on India Pakistan war hit on the screens today named ‘Raazi’. Meghna Gulzar directorial film takes good review by critics as well as audience. It is the true story of a Muslim girl Sehmat, the role played by Alia Bhatt. Raazi is an adaptation of Lt Commander (retd) Harinder S Sikka’s novel Calling Sehmat. It took 4 stars out of 5 from the reviewers.

Story plot

This story is about 1971 diplomatic relationship between India and Pakistan is tense because of Majibur Rahman’s activities in East Pakistan. The two countries are on the brink of a war and information is their most lethal weapon.

The film revolves around the girl Sehmat. She is Muslim Kashmiri girl studied in Delhi University. Her life changed when her father Hidayat Khan (Rajit Kapoor) seals her life as an Indian spy. She was an inexperienced college girl.  She took training under Indian Intelligence agent Khalid Mir (Jaideep Ahlawat) before her married. After her training with a Pakistani Army officer Iqbal Syed as an Indian spy.

Iqbal is a charming sincere boy he tries to balance his attention between Sehmat’s natural appeal. And the love for his country. Hidayat choose her daughter destiny and send her Pakistan, he told her devotion of the country is more than anything. The film’s most substantial relationship is between Khalid and Sehmat. Jaideep Ahlawat tactfully plays Khalid as a stoic patriot who deliberately restrains his concern for Sehmat.

Meghna paces the film well, fleshing out the characters that make up the Sayed family, into which Sehmat is married, and then gradually turning up the tension as the brides’ cover wears thin. The film has also the stars Vicky Kaushal, Shishir Sharma, Jaideep Ahlawat and Ashwath in lead role. It is thriller film and emotional film, which grab the attention of the audience.