Home Celebs PewDiePie, here is a guide for you to know Who Rajnikanth is.

PewDiePie, here is a guide for you to know Who Rajnikanth is.

Enlightenment on Rajnikanth
Enlightenment on Rajnikanth

Recently a Swedish Youtuber namely PewDiePie went on to dig Indian Television and Cinemas and made a video namely ‘You India You Lose’. He showed some scenes from the Indian television and films and also had a good laugh over it. Though he had a good time mocking at it what took us by is something else. In the video at exactly 6:12 he shows a scene from Rajnikanth’s film, a Tamil SCI-fi adventure namely Enthiran (Robot). Does that mean he cannot differentiate between a bollywood film and a Tamil film. And most importantly He doesn’t know who Rajnikanth is? He is seen saying How is this a movie and did they make it in a Gmod. So PewDiePie though you have left us in shock, let us improve your general knowledge a little by giving you an idea about who Rajnikanth is.

Rajnikanth – Biggest Superstar of South.

Rajnikanth is the biggest superstar south cinema has ever known. He is fondly known as Thalaivar by the fans, celebs or fan clubs.

Fans and followers.

Though Rajnikanth has only 4.4 million followers on Twitter and 1,85,839 followers on Facebook, he is the only superstar having 50000 plus registered fan clubs, each club having atleast 25 members. And these are the ones registered. Unofficial fans club are not considered here.

Highest paid Indian actor.

Rajnikanth is the one of the highest paid Indian Actors. The veteran actor has acted in more 150 films in multiple languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and Kannada for over 4 decades now. Besides he has been awarded by both Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.

The scene is from Enthiran.

The scene that you have pointed out here is from one of his most expensive sci-fi films Enthiran – The Robot where Rajnikanth has played double role of Scientist Vasheekaran and Robot Chitti. On its release the film became one of the highest grossing films of the Tamil Cinema.

Even after 43 years, Rajnikanth is one of the most sought after actor. He will soon be seen in Kaala and Sequel to Enthiran – The Robot which is 2.0. PewDiePie, hope we have enlightened you about our most loved, respected and adored stars. Think before you speak anything about him.

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