Home Celebs Selena Gomez’s stunning new makeover- Shows off Kylie Jenner sized lips.

Selena Gomez’s stunning new makeover- Shows off Kylie Jenner sized lips.

Selena Gomez new look.
Selena Gomez new look.

Selena Gomez surprises everyone with her short new hairstyle and plump pout. Makeup artist Hung Vanngo share on his Instagram account on 28th April 2018. Is she changing her look?

Selena Gomez unrecognisable in her new look.

Selena Gomez looked quite different in her bob cut and big lips. Makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted some of her pictures on Instagram and we are loving it absolutely. Justin Bieber’s Ex girlfriend posed in a series of silly pictures and her makeup was definitely eye catcher as she carried pink lipstick with matching pink eyeshadow. Her chin length hair which probably is a wig fitted her well. Hung captioned it as “Coming Soon” which hints it to be a new look for a photoshoot or may be an album nearing release.

Coming soon…

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One of the many recent makeovers.

Earlier Selena had made headlines as she opted to get a new hairstyle that included long extensions to complement her lower head/ neck area shaved. Shortly before this  she got a bob cut that featured her natural hair colour. She had temporarily dyed her hair blonde before that. It seems Selena has been enjoying the transitions she is going through trying new looks playing around with different hairstyles and different ideas until she gets the one she is searching for, the one that suits her personality the best.

Selena seems to be taking care of herself.

Selena had been laying low with her temporary on and off relationship with Justin Bieber since long but now she seems to be enjoying her time. She is now spending time with her friends and seems to be taking very good care of herself.

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