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Salena Gomez shows off her toned body as she dances during a Puma Ad.

Salena Gomez dances in Puma.
Salena Gomez dances in Puma.

Salena Gomez is a very good looking singer  and she looks absolutely stunning in almost everything. She looked great in Puma’s ‘En Pointe’ campaign. And beware Best is yet to be revealed.

Salena Gomez’s behind the scenes photos.

Salena Gomez looked superb in her Puma Ad campaign and if you are thinking she gave her the best shot then you have not watched everything. Puma just released her behind the scenes video where Salena is seen dancing in their gear – Puma White Sports Bra and Puma Black Leggings. Watching the video you will know why Justin Bieber fell for Salena Gomez.

Coming to Jelena, once again they have decided to take some time apart on 7th March after they had a series of arguments.

Why Justin and Salena taking time apart.

Justin and Salena had a series of arguments which was followed by the decision to take some time apart from each other. A source close to them revealed:

“They were having a lot of little disagreements recently and one fight in particular blew up and caused them to decide to ‘break up,’ however, they’ve been in contact the entire time and their feelings for each other have not changed,”

This is for the third time that they are breaking up and still giving their love for each other a chance. But we are sure they will be together in no time.

Justin has marriage on his mind.

Ever since Justin and Salena attended his father’s Wedding in Jamaica on 9th February 2018, he even had his and Salena’s wedding in the mind. Salena and Justin are reportedly discussing their future together and even see a happy married life enjoying kids. He even added that Justin was really inspired now and that has not only sparked a new music in his mind but has also improved interpersonal relationship with his loved ones.

However their current private time status would make us wait before we get to hear some thing official. Hopefully Salena’s new BTS video would do the trick.