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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online: Naitik tells the Truth to the family, but not the whole Truth

The family is under lot of stress as Naitik looks himself in his room.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Naitik tells the Truth to the family, but not the whole Truth
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 Feb 2018 Full Episode Online Naitik tells the Truth to the family, but not the whole Truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 Feb 2018: Usually immature Kartik steps up his game, while Naira is looses hers. The episode revolved around Naitik and Priyanka and the continued the Drama that started Yesterday.

If you have missed Tuesday’s episode, here a quick recap.

Naira Supports Naitik

Naira cuts in to support Naitik in front of Dadi; saying he was genuinely ill. When Naira requests her not to say such things, she brings her experience and age into discussion.

Naira requests to end the matter for now, but Dadi goes on. She explains that it might be odd for Naira, to hear that about her dad, but truth is truth. Kartik intervenes telling Dadi to stop and observe how tough it is for Naira. Instead of listening to him Dadi, tells him you and me have heard it; so does she needs to. Naira is shocked to know that Kartik had an idea about it.

Naitik leaves followed by the singhania family.

Naira and Kartik

Naira is hysterical about the situation. She tries to do something and hurt herself. Kartik grabs her and asks to stop hurting.

Naira shouts at Kartik for not telling her the truth about her Dad. Kartik tells her that Naitik is his dad as well (easily one of the most matured moments for him.)

He clarified that he did not knew about it, just heard something. How could he tell her something he was not sure about, especially something that makes her react like this. She fights back saying she might have behaved maturely if she knew about it.

After Naira refuses to understand, Kartik tells her that even she hid Shubham’s secret from him.

Manish questions Priyanka

Manish questions Priyanka about the situation; she refuses to answer. She only says that she has promised Naitik not to say anything. It would he, who would tell them the  truth and leaves.

Manish then questions Dadi how did she knows. To save Kirti from the wrath she diverts the question. While Suwarna prays, that this should not drift apart Kartik and Naira further.

Singhania House

Naitik has locked himself in the room and everyone is worried. All stand outside his door except Rajeshwari, who is the most hurt about the matter.

Kirti suggest calling Naira and goes towards Naksh to console him. Naksh feels helpless and tells her he should have taken the hints while Kirti was pointing at them.

He ponders how did Dadi and Kartik know about the matter. Kirti looks guilty giving Naitik his answer. He is upset with Kirti and compares her with Naira. Naira did not even let the smallest of things travel to this home and Kirti even blabs out things she is still unsure of.

Naira arrives with Kartik and tries to get the door open. She sends all the elders downstairs. She sits by the door and Naksh joins him.

Naira tells him she doesn’t care about anybody or anything she will stand with Naitik. Naksh stops her mid sentence to her that their dad could never do something like this. Naira tells him, whatever the scenario his both kids will stand by him.

Kartik observed the tension between Naksh and Kirti. He asks kirti about it. Kirti explains that Naksh is angry because I blurted about Papa and Masi. The family will hate me if they knew I told Dadi.

Kartik relaxes her by saying that the important thing right now is to stand by them. Reminding her how hard their experience was Suwarna and Manish married. He suggests her to support Naira and Naksh whether they are talking or not talking to them. (Another one of extremely impressive moves for Kartik)

The Goenka’s Arrive

Manish, Dadi, Suwarna and Priyanka arrives at the Singhania house. Manish apologizes for not informing, but they were tensed about Naitik.

Dadi tries to apologize if Naitik felt bad, but Baisa for once supports her. In fact she asks Pardon on Naira behalf for her behaviour.

Naitik comes out

Kartik sees his family downstairs and informs Naira to inform Naitik. Naitik steps out of the room after hearing this.

He comes downstair and apologizes to everyone as he froze out in that moment. He could not understand or reply aptly to the situation at that moment. After taking a little pause that have everyone intrigued he tells everyone that they are just friends and nothing else.

Priyanka is somewhat taken aback on hearing this as she feels he is still not telling the whole truth. (our best guess is that Kartik is battling with some disease that only Priyanka knows of.)

But before anyone can say anything, Naira steps in to day that it is a good news that Naitik found a friend in Priyanka. Dadi and Baisa does not support this, questioning the need of friend at this age. Especially a friend of opposite gender as a male and female can never be just friends.

Manish support Naitik, by saying a friend can be needed in any age and their is no problem in it. We should end this topic here. Dadi quickly chimes in,that she would leave the topic but she is not sure if it will leave them.

Naitik leaves for his room and the Goenka’s also take a leave except Priyanka. She runs after Naitik towards his room without saying anything to anyone. The whole family sees this with shock and question.


The Valentine’s day arrives in Kartik and Naira life a day latter. As they will be celebrating it tomorrow.  From the looks of it they will forget their differences for the day.