Home Movie Reviews Padman Movie Music Review : Amit Trivedi hits a Home Run

Padman Movie Music Review : Amit Trivedi hits a Home Run

The music of Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte starer, definitely hits the right notes, but losses marks on retain ability.

PadMan Movie Music Review
PadMan Movie Music Review

Padman Movie Music Review:  Amit Trivedi walks profoundly on a thin line of balanced music. Have you ever heard a song that’s good but doesn’t fit in the film/situation? Or a song that fits the situation/film but isn’t good enough.

The Music of Padman undoubtedly balances between afore mentioned scenarios. It comes as no surprise as Amit Trivedi is master of such music. Unfortunately, the magic of retainability and soulfulness is somehow missing at least in some songs.

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 Kausar Munir has brilliantly managed the lyrics to be significant and quirky. Instead of poetry that needs deciphering, simple words and instances are interlaced with the music. The lyrics along with the harmonious music manage to stick a smile to faces for at least a while.

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Aaj Se Teri

Vocals by – Arijit Singh

The song expresses budding relationship between newlyweds. Use of words like Pincode, Aadhar etc. by Kausar Munir creatively adds domesticity.  Amit Trivedi brilliantly uses ‘Shehnai,’ at the onset and lets Arijit Sing’s voice do the talking.

The PadMan Song

Vocals by – Mika Singh

A Typical Mika Singh song; the only difference is that overly loaded cheesy lyrics are replaced by intelligent ones. The Super Hero background vocals, do maintains the theme of Padman. Although the song has catchy tune, but lyrics are subdued with Mika’s voice.

Hu Ba Hu

Vocals by – Amit Trivedi

A stereotypical Amit Trivedi song, that immediately reminds of Jugni from Queen.  The Déjà vu continues with his own voice. Overall a good melody that when played will soothe your nerves and makes you hum along.

Saale Sapne

Vocals by – Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan voice lends the perfect texture that the song requires. An inspiration song about dreams, is well interpreted only midway. That somehow takes the charm away from Chauhan’s voice until you see the Video. The video adds the missing dimension.


Vocals by – Anita Gandharva, Meghna Mishra & Vaishnavi Mishra

Given the situation, the all girl song should have been a blockbuster but it’s the dud of the album. The song is a coming of age song. The kick of inspiration or determination is definitely missing.

All in all there are a few hits and few misses in the album.

Overall Rating 3.5/5

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