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What happened behind The Golden Globes 2018 Camera

Golden Globes 2018
Golden Globes 2018

Golden Globes 2018 has officially been a hit show. Everyone was at their best while the camera was on…. but what happened before or after is unknown.

Well not entirely, when the live camera was off the camera’s of the celebrities came on. From Selfies to getting ready video…. and here’s some of them for you to enjoy.

Ari Fararooy was one the content creator for the Golden Globes 2018 Instagram posts. He was intelligent enough to give us some sneak peak before the camera started rolling.

Laying The Red Carpet

Seth Meyers was the Host of the evening and he made sure that the red carpet was correctly laid before he starts to welcome everyone.

You surely did good work Seth. Wish their was an award for the host of the night, so you would have also joined the list of 2018 Golden Globes Winners

The Walk Through

With this video the Golden Globes took us through the whole set of the Red Carpet, The Awards, The Backstage, The Aftermath.

* Do note our sincere Hosts prepping for their roles. While Seth Meyers hosted the show, the red carpet was hosted by Scott Mantz, AJ Gibson, Missi Pyle,Jeannie Mai and Laura Marand. 

Laura Marand also took over the Golden Globes’ Instagram Stories for the Day.


While they were sincere and quirky on camera, it was a different scenario later. There own Instagram account is a proof.

AJ Gibson and Jeannie Mai, literally fell over from exhaustion. Although we are wondering how do they manage to do even that in style.

Scott Mantz surely knows how to click a good selfie and a groupfie. Our Hosts definitely enjoyed their role and their company if the pictures are to be trusted.


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Missi Pyle do know how to relax and pose on the red carpet at the same time.

Hope you noticed her lip shade while the live show because she definitely did put a lot of thought over it. In fact quite a lot of suggestions as well.

Missi, We can see you enjoyed but we just can’t see your lip color. So which one did you choose.

Having the best time hosting the live red carpet show for the @GoldenGlobes!!!

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Jokes apart the Red Carpet Hosts also had an important role as well.Although most of the celebrities of both genders did wore black as a sign of Solidarity and support to the Times up now movement. Even our hosts wore Black and Times Up Pin.

They still had to ask them about their feelings about Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment. Which is not a Happy question but still a very important one in current circumstances.

They each gave their best on getting the views and keeping the situation light as well.

What Happens during a Commercial Break

It is a million dollar question what happens to our well behaved Celebs when the camera is off. Well Ron Howard answers it by showing us the chaos.

Commercial break!

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Epic Selfies 

It’s a given that the selfies shows us the candid side of our favorite celeb. It becomes epic when more people that we love  join in to click one picture.

Looking at the pictures, we can surely say that all are happy about Eva’s pregnancy. Her Baby bump sure had a great first red carpet.

With these beauties last night! #TIMESUP

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powerful sisterhood. #whywewearblack Best red carpet experience. Ever.

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Baby Bumping, America Ferrra recently announced her pregnancy in the cutest manner. Both Eva and America are expecting their fist babies.

It is important to have fun on stage while you are presenting the awards. Everyone take cue from these two.

Great night w/#johngoodman @goldenglobes

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Surely a Fun Night for Heidi Klum and Emily Ratajkowski.

Fun night with @emrata ??

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As they say some in-between-commercials-SEANanigans

Getting Ready

While it’s important to stay steady while getting ready. It is also important to post videos of the same. And to add some fun you surely have to move some (a lot).

Do note the Time’s Up T shirt, The Hollywood ladies are not joking about this matter. They are surely standing in Solidarity.

Promoting SAG awards at Golden Globes

Susan doesn’t have a date for her SAG awards and she wants everyone to know it. So much so she is confused between the two awards.

She seems quite adamant, but we are not complaining as her posts make us realize it’s just two weeks until another award show.

The Fan Moment

Kelly Clarkson might not have been on the winning list but she won. She is a great fan of Meryl Streep and on the red carpet of Golden Globes she got her fan moment.

Even we would swoon and probably not wash that side of cheek when Meryl pats it.

Well these were some interesting backstage moments form the Golden Globes 2018. Some of the most memorable on stage movements that we are going to remember is Oprah’s Speech and Frances McDormand’s truthfulness.

We still have more to come on Golden Globes to ease of our globes hangover slowly. Keep watching this space for more.