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Rising Star Season 2 Live Voting Online at www.voot.com or Voot App: How to Vote for Rising Star Season 2

Rising Star is back with Season 2 and it is as live as ever. New host Ravi Dubey and Parth Dhamija joins the three veteran judges Shankar Mahadevan, Monali Thakur and Diljit Dosanjh. 

Rising Star Season 2 Live
Rising Star Season 2 Live

Rising Star Season 2 Live Voting Online at Voot App or www.voot.com: learn how you can vote for rising star 2.

Rising Star Season 2 Live Voting updateRising Star is receiving love from the audiences this time as well. In fact this time show is using a trump card to garner popularity.

The Trump card is a 60 year old lady named Sindhu Tai. Boasting no age bar factor Colors is making her brand ambassador of Dreaming at any age.

The contestants these time is set to established that Dreams can come true. Can you imagine a hearing impaired singer. Raenit Singh lost his hearing capability by almost 70%. This has not hindered him from dreaming, he did participate in Rising Star.

Colour’s unique real time Singing Reality show is back with it’s new season. The show telecasts live every Saturday and Sunday at 9.  The participant Singers are not just judged/approved by the Judges or live audience but audiences sitting at home as well.

How to vote for Rising Star Season 2 Live Voting Online at Voot App or www.voot.com:

This is done through Voot App or www.voot.com while the singer performs. The singer is placed behind a wall on the stage, while he performs. Before the performance starts you will need to log in to the App for that singer in particular. While the performance you can swipe Left or Right, as per your choice. Right or Green swipe means you like, select and approve of the singer. Left or Red swipe means you Dislike the performer.

Your votes are converted into percentages and depending on that the wall is raised when selected, and stationary when not.  The Judges on the show has special privileged, as there right swipe adds 5% each in the performers kitty.

You can log on to the App and the Voot website to view must see videos and past performances.

Yeh Hai #RisingStar ? labh Ju Guys ?? Aj Baut Swaad Aeya.. Kam Chakk Ke C aj Poora ?

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Rising Star season 2

The reality shows season 2 repeats it’s three Judges, Singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan, popular singer Monali Thakur and Punjabi actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh.

The Format of the show also remains the same with just a little tweak as of now. Earlier the first cut was made when the singer gets 70% of votes, now the bar is raised to 80%.

The host this season is Ravi Dubey along with little kid Parth Dhamija.

The age limit of contestants is 4 and above. In a way there is no upper age cap, A 60 year old women has joined the show to showcase her talent.

Republic Day Surprise

The channel and the Show gave a special surprise for their audiences. The Host Ravi Dubey steps in the shoes of a singer for the first time. Here is the song:

Tonight at 9 you can join in the third round of Primarily selections. You can also choose to vote for your favorite singer by downloading the Voot App or Log in to www.voot.com.

The episode will primary be themed around Republic Day. The special episode is dedicated to Security guarrd’s, Mumbai’s Dabbawalla’s, Sweepers and Newspaper Hawkers.


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