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Ellen DeGeneres awkward moment at the Golden Globes 2018

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most renowned TV host, due to her comic timing. And she is at it again, she has just disclosed to the audience one of her most Awkward moments.

Well, we might have not seen her on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes 2018. But Ellen DeGeneres was surely an attendee of the Globes. In fact she was receipt of an Award.

Wait! What? We did not see her on the Winners list of Golden Globes 2018

Well, that was where the embarrassing moment came, her award was presented to someone else. Here see it as Ellen see it,

Well, we hope you enjoyed the champagne at least. We also noticed that you did maintain the dress code of Black in solidarity. 

While we are mesmerized, influenced and inspired by Oprah’s acceptance speech.we also believe your speech would have been equally enjoyable. Well better luck next time.

Ellen did make a special mention of Seth Meyers, the host of Golden Globes 2018 for a great job.

Previous Encounters

This is not a new thing for Ellen, she has been edited out in a lot of films and music videos. For example Ellen was also part of Taylor Swifts’ look what you made me do:

In fact our talented lady was the inspiration behind Adele’s song Hello, here have a look:

Embarrassing or not, Friendly or not, inspirational or not, Ellen DeGeneres does suit in all those videos.

We hope you continue to present us with such Joyous video of your embarrassment situations. See ya till then.