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Will actresses wear black on every red carpet during awards season?

The Golden Globes may have only been the beginning!

Celebrities in black at award shows to support Times Up Movement

Nearly everyone at the Golden Globes—at least everyone in the pre-show awards coverage wore black.Dressed entirely in black, actors and actresses joined forces in a visual display of camaraderie to support the #TimesUp movement – a call to arms against the overwhelming extent of sexual harassment within not only their own industry but in others too.This year’s Golden Globes played host to more than just an awards ceremony.The first in a long line of red carpets during the gong-giving season, it saw the women and men of Hollywood unite in a sartorial protest.

Go black for #Timesup Movement

It wasn’t a fashion statement, it was a politically-charged protest.But will the rest of awards season look the same?While the Golden Globes was always tipped to be the instigator, it remains to be seen whether celebrities will continue to use their wardrobes as a tool for the powerful discussion.

Penelope Cruz in Black at Golden Globes

Speaking at a press conference in London after the Golden Globes for her new film The Post, Meryl Streep admitted that the movement is only just getting started.

“The ‘Me Too’, ‘Time’s Up’ seismic change that’s happening – some people say it’s like an airplane being put together while we’re going down the runway to take off.”

“It’s a growing thing, and the most heartening thing about it to me is that it doesn’t feel like a one-off. It hasn’t gone away, and I don’t think it will.” she added

Nicole Kidman in black dress by Givenchy

Well we wait to see how the rest of awards season unfolds as actresses hit the SAG awards on Sunday night.