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Dangal actress Zaira Wasim gets molested during a Vistara flight; cries bitterly while sharing her experience!

Dangal Girl Zaira Wasim gets molested during a Vistara flight.

zaira wasim molested in vistara flight.
zaira wasim molested in vistara flight.

Seventeen year old Dangal actress who charmed her way into our hearts with Secret Superstar, Zaira Wasim went through some major ordeal recently. The teenager took a flight from Delhi to Mumbai where she came across a strange person who assaulted her physically. Zaira was so shocked and depressed after the incident that she shared her story on Instagram and almost experienced a breakdown. Scroll down to find out what really happened.

While sharing a personal message during her live Instagram video, Zaira was quivering with fear. With tears almost rolling down her cheeks, the seventeen year old said

  “So, I just landed and you know the whole irony of this is that the guy… this is not done at all. This is not the way, this is not a girl should be made to feel because this is terrible. Is this how they are doing to take care of girls? No one will help us if we don’t decide to help ourselves. This is the worst thing

She continued speaking by showing a photo of the person who was constantly harassing her during the flight. Since the lights were dim, she couldn’t capture his face but somehow she managed to get a photo of his feet which he was using over her body all the time. Zaira also sent a special message to Vistara Airlines saying that they weren’t good at their job at all. “I tried to record it on my phone to understand it better. But because the cabin lights were dimmed, I failed to get it. I ignored it the first time, blamed the turbulence for it. Until I woke up to this pleasant sight of his beautiful foot rubbing my back and neck… Guess he couldn’t sit like a civilized human being and placed his foot on my arm rest while he’s fully ‘pheloaed’ his body on his seat (sic)” continued the young girl in her statement.

Vistara also posted a message showing support and care towards the young girl. They condemned the act and tweeted that special investigation is being carried out to support Zaira and make sure that nobody ever goes through such a horrible experience again.

Zaira is not the first girl to go through a physical assault. There have been several other celebs who have gone through worse. Even Sonam Kapoor, Preity Zinta, Kalki Koechlin and others have shared horrific stories about getting harassed by unknown men. Sad!

Please watch Complete video below.

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